February 2023 wrap up and March goals

Hello, and happy March! I’m so happy that we’re getting close to spring – I love winter, but January and February always just feel like such dreary months. And, although March is definitely going to be a pretty busy month for me, I’m excited to also make more time for reading and blogging. Anyways, let’s get into my February wrap up, and my goals for March!

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February 2021 wrap up and March goals

It’s crazy that it’s already March, and that this month it’s going to be one year since lockdown started (where I am, at least). February was not the most productive in terms of reading and blogging, and I had a lot of schoolwork, which made setting aside time for other things really difficult. Hopefully, March will be better though!

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February 2020 wrap up and March goals

Hello readers! This post is already kind of late, and I don’t feel like making this very long, so here is a quick summary of what I accomplished in February, and what my plans are for March!

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