Hello and welcome to my blog! Here on Book Nook Bits, I talk about all sorts of books; historical fiction, books with strong sibling relationships and not necessarily fluffy contemporaries. Fantasy, science fiction and books with talking animals. I enjoy books written in verse, and beautifully written memoirs. I read all sorts of books, really. And I enjoy writing about them!

That’s why I created this blog in August of 2019. I wanted a place to talk about all of the wonderful books that take me into different worlds, books that are exciting, books that are interesting, books that are hilarious.

I post all sorts of things on my blog. I post reviews of books I’ve read, discussions about bookish topics, lists of books and more! I love in interacting with fellow book bloggers and book lovers!

Some things about me:

  • I have three cats, Zoe, Catniss and Loki and a golden retriever named Clover
  • My dream job is to be a journalist for the New York Times
  • I also love fiction writing, and am currently in the middle of writing a few books including a sapphic sleeping beauty retelling set in ancient Greece, and a book about children of pirates in colonial America!
  • I love Marvel, especially Agents of Shield & Wandavision
  • Some of my favorite movies are The Sound of Music, Ocean’s 8, and The Half of It
  • I play the trumpet, and have since 4th grade

Some of my favorite books are:

I always love getting to chat with other book bloggers and readers! You can contact me here

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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