My 2021 reading stats

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I have a post with lots of fun graphs and charts: my reading stats from 2021! For all of 2021 I used The Storygraph to track my reading, and I really loved using it. The website wraps up all of your reading, and makes really fun graphs of all your reading stats, like the length of the books you read, or the different genres.

I’m really excited to go through all of my reading stats from the last year, and to talk about each one!

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The 2021 book tag

Hello, and happy Friday! We are a whole week into 2022, and so far it hasn’t been an amazing start to the year. I am very excited for today’s post, though. Riddhi @ Whispering Stories tagged me for this a few days ago, and I decided to do all the prompts with books that I read in 2021 because I thought it would be a fun way to start wrapping up my reading from the past year.

It’s been a while since I last did a book tag like this, and I think I forgot how much fun they are to write and to put together. I had a lot of fun with the prompts, and I hope you like reading my answers to them!

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2022 Bookish Resolutions

Hello! It’s the new year, and for the third time in a row I wanted to share my bookish resolutions for the year. Today is my last day of winter break, and it was nice to think about what I wanted to do for the next year, in terms of reading, writing and blogging. I have lots of goals and resolutions, so I’m going to get right to them in this post!

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The End of Year Book Tag – 2021 edition

Hello! Today is a teacher grading day for me, so I don’t have school which is really really nice. I’m making the most of all the time off by doing this blog post, and also diving back into bookstagram. I haven’t posted there in over a month, but I’ve been working on a more wintry theme the past couple days that I’m really excited about.

My first post is going up in just a little bit, but right now you can see a little sneak peak of the new theme in the featured image at the top of this post!

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Hello!! Today, October 17th, is my fifteenth birthday! Today was really nice: I did lots of family stuff, met up with some friends, and also had a little time to myself. So much has happened this year, and I think that I’ve changed a lot.

Fourteen was a weird year. Living through covid, finishing middle school, starting high school, hitting two years of blogging, and so much more. I think that I have started to really figure out how I do best in terms of blogging, and not putting too much pressure on myself with writing.

I’ve read so much, and so much of that has been so much different. Thrillers, high fantasy, and historical romance are all three genres that a younger me would never have even considered, even when starting this blog.

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What some my favorite characters were doing when they were my age – part 2, age 14

Hello! Today was a pretty busy Thursday, but I have a four day weekend coming up: an exciting one, because my birthday’s on Sunday! I did a post like this last year, but it was all about 13 year old characters. I’ve been so excited for this one for so long, and it was so much fun to put together.

I’m in a weird in between age right now: Most young adult protagonists are 15-18, and middle grade characters are usually 12 and under. But I managed to scrape up a pretty good list of characters, and I hope you have fun reading about what they were all up to when they were my age, fourteen years old!

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Four books with Haitian main characters + donating to earthquake relief

I’m sure many of you are aware of the devastating earthquake that recently hit Haiti.

The Haitian Health Foundation has been working to provide public health services to thousands of people, and they are working hard to help as many people as they can who have been effected by the earthquake.

If you are able, please consider donating to this amazing organization.

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The Evermore Book Tag

Hello! Lori tagged me for the Evermore book tag a while ago, which I was so happy about, because I love Evermore (Taylor Swift’s newest album), and the tag looked so fun. However, when I started working on the tag I got slightly mixed up, and accidentally did the Evermore book tag that the wonderful Ruby did a while ago, that I confused with the one that I was tagged in.

Because I did all of the prompts before realizing I had the wrong tag, I’m going to just stick with the tag that Ruby did! So, thank you so much Lori for the tag, and thank you to Ruby for the amazing post that gave me all of these prompts. I loved these prompts, so I’m going to get right into the tag from here, and not dwell any longer on my little mix up!!

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My 2 year blogiversary: things I’ve learned, and how my blog has changed!

Today is a very special day, for me, and for Book Nook Bits, because today, August 21st, my blog turns two years old!! I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for two years now; I’ve changed so much since I first decided to start my blog. It was the summer before seventh grade, before COVID, before so much. Now, I start high school in a couple weeks, and I feel like I’m a completely different person.

For this post, I wanted to look at some of my older posts and see how my blogging has changed. I’m also going to reflect on a few things I’ve learned, that I wish I’d known when I started blogging. So, I’m going to get right into the post!

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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2021 edition

Hello, and happy monday!! Since we’re about halfway through 2021, and I am indeed freaking out about my current reading situation, I think that it’s a good time to do this tag! I wasn’t tagged for it this year, but it’s a good check in for myself to do, and I’m excited to get into all the questions!

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