YARC 2020: Year of the Asian Reading Challenge wrap up

Hello! I decided in March of 2020 to participate in the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge. The Year of the Asian Reading Challenge is a reading challenge hosted by Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams, Shealea @Shut Up Shealea, Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads and CW @ The Quiet Pond. The goal of this challenge is to read as many books written by Asian authors as you can! Any book by an Asian author counts!

I don’t think that it’s happening again in 2021, but I really enjoyed doing it in 2020, and it definitely pushed me to read more books by Asian authors!

Anyways, I decided it would be good to do a short wrap up post of all of the books I read by Asian authors in 2020. So, here they are!

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2021 Bookish Resolutions

Hello, and happy new year! I am so excited that 2020 is over, and I’m really excited that it’s 2021. I have lots of plans for what I want to do in 2021, and like I did last year, I have a post with my bookish (and non-bookish) resolutions for the year!

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The End of Year Book Tag

Hello! Today I’m going to be doing the end of year book tag, which I am very excited for! I wasn’t tagged for this, but I saw it on Evelyn’s blog, and thought I’d do it to sort of wrap up my end of year reading situation.

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So I guess I’m 14 now

Hello my wonderful readers! Today’s post is different, with lots of random reflection and some pretty random facts, but it will include books, as most of my posts do. This is a book blog, after all!

Anyways, today, October 17th, 2020 is my birthday! At 10:21 this morning I turned 14 years old. And I have some thoughts, and also 14 facts about me because honestly, why not.

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What some of my favorite characters were doing when they were my age

I have had the idea for this post, but of course, I waited until the very last minute, right before my birthday to write it. Anyways, I’m basically going to be listing a few characters, and what they were doing when they were my age, when they were 13 years old.

I also will have spoiler warnings right after the picture of the character, so be sure to watch for that.

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Posts I loved in September!

I’ve been wanting to do a monthly post like this for a while, and basically what I’m going to be doing is making a list of some of the wonderful blog posts that I read in September! These are going to be reviews, discussions, lists… pretty much everything! So, here are some amazing blog posts that I read in September!

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The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Book Tag

I was tagged for this by the wonderful Lori @ The Reading Fairy back in May for this, and I keep putting off writing this post. I don’t know why though: these prompts are PERFECT and May, the creator of the tag did an amazing job with everything!! Anyways, here we go!

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4 books with bisexual characters for bi visibility week!

Hello! Today, I have a post that I’m very excited about. This week, as you may or may not have been aware of is bisexuality awareness week, and to celebrate that I thought I’d share 4 books with bisexual characters!

I have also been wanting to write some sort of recommendation post for a while, and here it is! I love all of these books so much, and I hope you’ll add some of these to your TBRs!

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