Hello!! Today, October 17th, is my fifteenth birthday! Today was really nice: I did lots of family stuff, met up with some friends, and also had a little time to myself. So much has happened this year, and I think that I’ve changed a lot.

Fourteen was a weird year. Living through covid, finishing middle school, starting high school, hitting two years of blogging, and so much more. I think that I have started to really figure out how I do best in terms of blogging, and not putting too much pressure on myself with writing.

I’ve read so much, and so much of that has been so much different. Thrillers, high fantasy, and historical romance are all three genres that a younger me would never have even considered, even when starting this blog.

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So I guess I’m 14 now

Hello my wonderful readers! Today’s post is different, with lots of random reflection and some pretty random facts, but it will include books, as most of my posts do. This is a book blog, after all!

Anyways, today, October 17th, 2020 is my birthday! At 10:21 this morning I turned 14 years old. And I have some thoughts, and also 14 facts about me because honestly, why not.

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