What some my favorite characters were doing when they were my age – part 3, age 15

Hello, and happy Saturday! My birthday is on Monday, so I thought this would be a good time to write the latest addition to this series I’ve done for the last couple years. This is turning into an annual thing, and I’m so excited for it. I loved talking about what some of my favorite characters were doing when I was 13 and 14, and now with 15, there are a few characters who I was able to add to this post! So, here we go into what some of my favorite fictional characters were doing when they were my age!!

* there are also slight spoilers (nothing too plot related, but mostly just little details) about books/shows these characters appear in so read with caution *

Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson turned 15 at the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, and was 15 for most of The Last Olympian!

His 15th birthday party is one of my favorite moments in The Battle of the Labyrinth. They have a blue birthday cake, Nico shows up, and Poseidon even makes a surprise visit!

Annabeth Chase

art credit: @viria

Annabeth Chase is 15 for The Battle of the Labyrinth. In this book, I think she has a really neat story arc, and I always love reading about her experiences in the labyrinth, and with Daedalus (who’s computer is even pictured in the art below)!

Annabeth is such a strong character, and I can’t believe how much she accomplished when she was 15. She’s funny, intelligent, and has amazing character development throughout the books.

Rory Gilmore

I was so excited when I realized I’m old enough to put Rory in here!

I’m pretty much exactly Rory’s age at the beginning of Gilmore Girls right now. Rory’s birthday is in October, so she’s 15 for the first few episodes of the show!

I love the show Gilmore Girls, and although I don’t always love Rory’s decision making, I love all the characters so much.

Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring turns 15 just a few chapters into Heartstopper Volume 1, and his 15th birthday party is a pretty big part of the book! It’s at a bowling alley, and it’s where he introduces Nick to his friends!

Heartstopper is absolutely amazing, and Charlie is such a great main character! I think he’s fantastic in both the graphic novels and the show, and I love watching his character develop over time!

Aru Shah

art credit: saladdoodles

Aru Shah’s birthday is February 15th, and she turns 15 at the end of Aru Shah and the City of Gold, the fourth book in the Pandava series. Her 15th birthday party is where her romance with Aiden really starts to unfold, but its also the setting for a lot of other drama…

Aru is one of my favorite protagonists, and I love how we get to see her grow through the series. She’s funny, bright, and creative, and she has an amazing dynamic with her sisters, and with all the other characters in the book!

Jason Grace

art credit: BenteJa9

For some reason I always thought he was older before, but I realized that at the start of The Lost Hero, Jason is only 15! He doesn’t turn 16 until Mark of Athena (I think), which means that for the first couple Heroes of Olympus books, he’s my age.

I think that Jason is a really interesting character. He’s definitely not my absolute favorite among the Percy Jackson characters, but he’s not bad. I don’t think he has as much depth as some other characters, but he still leads a very interesting life!

He basically grew up at Camp Jupiter, and has the most demigod training out of anyone. He’s very heroic, and is able to accomplish a lot.

When’s your birthday? Do you know any of these characters? What were some of your favorite characters doing when they were your age? Chat with me in the comments below!

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