What some of my favorite characters were doing when they were my age

I have had the idea for this post, but of course, I waited until the very last minute, right before my birthday to write it. Anyways, I’m basically going to be listing a few characters, and what they were doing when they were my age, when they were 13 years old.

I also will have spoiler warnings right after the picture of the character, so be sure to watch for that.

Annabeth Chase

Spoilers for The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan:

Annabeth Chase is 13 during most of the events of The Sea of Monsters, (although the dates that we know of are a bit unclear) which means that when she was 13 years old when she survived the sirens. She did other amazing things, but Annabeth Chase survived hearing the sirens when she was 13, learned her fatal flaw, and became all that much wiser. I don’t know what I would see or hear, or what my fatal flaw is, but I don’t think that I would want to put myself through that.

With her quick thinking, at C.C’s spa and resort (otherwise known as Circe’s island) Annabeth saves Percy from being a hamster for the rest of his life. She also remembers how ‘nobody’ defeated the cyclopes Polyphemus before, and uses her invisibility cap to pretend to be ‘nobody’.

Percy Jackson

Spoilers for The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan.

When Percy Jackson was 13 years old, he got turned into a hamster, almost saw his best friend marry a cyclopes, and learned that another (and much nicer) cyclopes was his brother, after playing a dangerous game of dodgeball against some (quite mean) monsters.

Or, you could say that he, with the help of his cyclopes half brother defeated a group of Lastrogonian giants, narrowly escaped Circe’s island, and rescued his best friend from the lair of Polyphemus. Whichever works for you.

Either way, much more interesting than my life has been!

Hazel Levesque

Spoilers for The Heroes of Olympus series, by Rick Riordan

Hazel is so ridiculously strong, and she is one of my favorite Heroes of Olympus characters. I’m not exactly sure when her birthday is, but from what I know, when she was 13 (and possibly a little before that) she…

  • sacrificed her life to prevent Gaia, the goddess of the earth, from raising her son, the giant Poryphrion
  • Came back to life and started training at Camp Jupiter
  • Went on a very much successful quest to Alaska and
  • Was chosen by HECATE and learned how to manipulate the mist
  • Was promoted to the rank of centurion
  • And more that I could never begin to list

The thing is, she overcomes her curse and uses her powers to shape the earth and make her way underground. She can also do MAGIC and can manipulate the mist in amazing, lifesaving ways.

Nico di Angelo

Spoilers for The Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, by Rick Riordan.

One of these days, I am going to write a Nico di Angelo appreciation post. But for now, I’ll just write a little on what he was doing when he was 13 years old.

Everything is a little fuzzy with all of the time stuff. I mean, he was born in the 1930s, but what we do know is that when Nico was around the age of 13, he was the only demigod who knew about both camps, the bridge between both worlds. He was the son of Hades, and felt like he was an outcast, and with the Romans, a son of Pluto who never felt like he fit in.

Sadie Kane

I had some trouble finding a good drawing of Sadie, so I decided to go with the official artwork done by Viria, however Sadie is biracial and has darker skin

Spoilers for The Kane Chronicles series, by Rick Riordan

When Sadie Kane was 13 years old, she, with the help of her brother Carter, a cat goddess and some other magicians did quite a few things including forcing the god Set to help fight Apophis by using his secret name, finding Ra, the sun god and of course destroying the serpent Apophis doing what all middle grade heroes strive to do: restore balance to the universe.

And of course there’s the whole thing where she’s stuck in a love triangle with a dying 16-year-old boy and the god of the dead. But that’s a whole other story.

Anne Shirley

See. Not all of them are Percy Jackson characters. Anyways, Anne Shirley is such a fun, happy character with lots of imagination and

See. Not all of them are Percy Jackson characters. Anyways, Anne Shirley is such a fun, happy character with lots of imagination and is just so great all the time. I’ve only read the first book (so far) and one of my favorite parts that just really stands out is when Anne, who is 13 at the time (right? She is 13?) is talking about Octobers, and how glad she is she lives in a world where there are Octobers.

I love the month of October so much, that this part is just so wonderful!

What were some of your favorite characters doing when they were 13 years old? Do you know any of these characters? Chat with me in the comments below?

31 thoughts on “What some of my favorite characters were doing when they were my age

  1. Yes… Anne Shirley is such a bubbly character who never fails to make me smile!!! ❀ And all the memories of pjo which I read a few years ago are coming back ahhhh

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh I loved this. It’s such a creative post! I read PJO and all of Rick Riordan’s other books and now I haven’t read any books by him for about four years. I miss them but I don’t want to reread the whole series 😭 But who is Anne Shirley? I don’t think I’ve heard of her before. I love all the fanart though. It’s my only weakness πŸ₯ΊπŸ™Œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She really is!! I think that she is one of the stronest of the seven, and she’s also the youngest but A LOT. I mean, she basically goes and saves the world with a bunch of 15,16 and 17 year olds when she’s just 13.

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  3. I love that you have so many Percy Jackson Characters on your list. And what’s more, I know I should not compare and laugh but the fact that you have this list and that all those PJ characters have done all this stuff and then – Anne Shirley who loves Octobers. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m sorry but that is just too funny! πŸ˜‚
    It’s a great post idea though. Too bad I’m too old to do that with my favourite characters too. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was reading through it before I published it and it was like bravery, heroics, self-sacrifice… and of course, loving Octobers πŸ˜‚ There were honestly so few charcters that I could think of though, other than Percy Jackson characters! Most middle grade characters are 12 for some reason, and YA characters tend to be older.

      I’m so glad you liked the post! πŸ™‚ My birthday is in a day, so I really procrastinated writing this, but I’m glad I got to it before I had to go through and find a whole new set of characters!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Ah yes Leo is one of my all time favorite characters, I didn’t include him though because I don’t know what exactly he was doing when he was 13. If I do this in a few years, I’ll be sure to include him!

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