A Glorious Haunting: September 2020 Owlcrate Unboxing

I sort of disappeared again for a few days, but hi, I’m back, and with another post! Today, I’m going to be sharing my unboxing of the September Owlcrate box. This is also my 200th post, which is crazy. Anyways, here is what came in this month’s box!

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Written in the Stars: August 2020 Owlcrate Unboxing

When your sister runs into your room screaming ‘you have to see this,’ drags you outside, and you both stare up at the cloud drifting overhead in amazement, the first cloud you’ve seen in a week, there is too much smoke in the sky.

When you look at the sun and immediately turn away because you didn’t realize that you’d actually be able to see it for once, there has been too much smoke.

And when your school (which is entirely online) gets postponed a week so it’s starting on the 21st there is way too much smoke.

I am very fortunately not in an evacuation zone, but the smoke from the Oregon fires has blown in and over Eugene, and the air quality is ‘very unhealthy.’ Although that is an improvement from hazardous.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I got my very first Owlcrate box! It was really fun, and I’ve never gotten a book box or anything before, so I thought that I’d do an post with photo’s of everything that was in the box!

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