Hoopla: all about the platform, how it works, and what it offers

Hello! This week is my spring break, and I’m spending a few days with my family at the coast, which is fun. It’s the Oregon coast, so pretty cold and windy, but it’s nice to get away from home for a bit. I was able to walk on the beach earlier today, which was amazing, and now I’m happy to be here with another blog post!

Today, I’m going to be talking about a platform for ebooks, audiobooks, and more called Hoopla! It’s free through your local library, and if your library has it, then all you need to sign up is a library card. So, I’m going to get right into this post all about the platform!

What is Hoopla?

Hoopla is a digital streaming service that partners with libraries across the United States and Canada that provides library users access to ebooks, audiobooks, comics, music, movies, and TV shows.

Pros and cons:


Hoopla has an enormous library, with large variety of titles, and a lot of different media you can access. On hoopla, you can access ebooks, audiobooks, comics, music, movies, and TV shows. I’ve only ever used the ebooks and audiobooks, but at some point I’ll probably check out the other things!

Everything you borrow on hoopla are completely, just like checking out physical books from a library would be. The books also automatically return after a certain amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about late fees.

Using hoopla is also very simple and straightforward. The app is really nice to use, and the app always works really smoothly.


The one negative aspect of hoopla is that it allows only 10 total borrows per month. I very rarely run out of borrows, so this isn’t usually a problem.

How does it work?

If your library offers hoopla, all you need for an account is a device where you can access the app or access a browser where you can find the webpage, an email address and password, and your library card for verifying the account.

The layout of hoopla is pretty simple. When you open hoopla on a phone, it takes you to a homepage that displays recently borrowed books, and if you scroll, you can find books recommended for you, your recent favorites, and popular titles.

You can also see pages with your borrowed books, books you have marked as favorites/saved, and pages where you can browse books, music, and video individually.

The search feature in hoopla is also very useful. You can search for individual titles, and there are many ways to filter and sort your results. For example, if I search The Hunger Games, I get many results: ebooks, audiobooks, and music from the movie sountrack. If I’m just looking for the audibooks, then I could select filter, then audiobooks, and my results would be easily narrowed down.

So, do I recommend using Hoopla?

If you can access hoopla through your library, I definitely recommend using it! It is a great resource for books and many other things, and is one that I have used a lot.

Have you used hoopla before? Are there any other platforms like this that you know of? Chat with me in the comments below!

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