Let’s Talk Bookish – January 2023 topics

Hello, and happy Monday! Since my school runs on trimesters, I had a new schedule starting today. I like my classes, and I’m in newspaper now which I’m really excited about! Anyways, I’m excited to post the January LTB topics today. They’re fun ones, and they’ll be a great way to start of the new year!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where each Friday, bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week. Since April 2022, I’ve been the host of LTB, and I post each month’s topics here on my blog!

I also have an archive of the topics on my blog, which you can find in the menu! My archive has the topics from April 2022 and all months going forwards, and all previous topics can be found on Rukky’s blog!

Thank you so much to Ikwords and Zahra for suggesting our topics for January! If you’d like to suggest a topic, you can do so using the Google Form linked at the end of this post.

 January 6: 2023 Reading & Blogging Goals (Aria)

Prompts: What are your reading goals for 2023? Do you have a specific number of books, or particular genres you want to read? What are your blogging goals for 2023? What do you want to do differently with blogging than you did last year?

January 13: Problematic Inspiration (Ikwords @ Words on Key)

Prompts: Can inspiration for a book be problematic? What inspiration would you consider to be problematic? Should an author be canceled because of a perhaps controversial inspiration for their book? In other words, is any kind of inspiration “bad”?

January 20: Collecting Books (Zahra  The Owl)

Prompts: Do you enjoy collecting books? Do you feel like physical books are overpriced? Do you buy books after you’ve read them to add to your collection? Do you buy special edition collector sets? How invested are you in your book collection? 

January 27: Freebie!

As we’re coming to the end of January, use this freebie to take the day off, or to go back to a past LTB topic you haven’t written about yet! The archive from April 2022 to now is here on my blog, and everything before that is on Rukky’s blog.

Even if you don’t participate by writing LTB discussions, if you have any suggestions or ideas for topics, so you can share your ideas using the google form below!

What do you think of the topics for January? Do you participate in LTB? Chat with me in the comments below!

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