Writing update: how July camp nanowrimo went and my goals for the next few months

Hello! I haven’t posted all week, and I keep putting off writing this, but I have a lot to talk about for it. In July, I participated in camp nanowrimo, which was a lot of fun, and I have a lot of plans for my writing in the next couple months. So, I’m going to get straight into the post!

How I did with my July goals:

My goal for July was to draft the first half of my fantasy book, and to reach 40 thousand words on it. I did not do it. I didn’t even reach half of the goal.

I finished camp with about 17 thousand words, which I am happy with. I wrote a lot, and for the most part I actually like what I wrote.

This was the most I’ve ever outlined for a month, and I had a much stricter structure to keep to with the book. At times, I did feel like it was slowing me down, or even just limiting what I could write in the short amount of time.

In terms of having a world that made sense, a plot that more or less fit together, and sort of well developed characters, I actually think I did pretty well.

I wanted to work a lot more on improving my descriptions, and I think I did okay with that. Its the sort of thing that is easy for me to forget about, especially when I’m trying to just power through a draft. I did do better with having consistency with my characters, and the scenes weren’t too much of the same, with a fair amount of variety.

I didn’t do a great job balancing everything I wanted to do during the month, and it was overall hard because of how much was going on. I wrote though, and I made progress.

What I want to do next with my camp project:

The book I started drafting during camp is a YA fantasy, and my next steps with it will just be to finish drafting it. I’m hoping that the first draft is somewhere between 75-80 thousand words, and I want to try and finish it by mid to late September.

Other writing goals I have:

Building off my plans for my fantasy book, after drafting that one I have another book I want to start on: it’s a sapphic sleeping beauty retelling set in Ancient Greece, and I’ve the idea for a pretty long time. I want to write it during nanowrimo, but not just in November. I’m going to do the nanowrimo prep system that goes from mid-September through October, then in November I’ll write! During that time, I’m going to take a break from my fantasy book, but will definitely go back to it, probably at the beginning of 2022!

Wrapping up:

I don’t know how much sense this post made, but I hope that my jumbled up writing plans were mostly understandable!! I have a lot of writing plans, and I’m really hopeful that all of them will go well!

Have you done any nanowrimo events before? Did you do Camp Nano in July? Are you working on any writing projects right now? Chat with me in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Writing update: how July camp nanowrimo went and my goals for the next few months

  1. You did such a great job with writing even if you didn’t reach your original goal :))
    I’ve never participated in any NaNoWriMo events but I’ve had an idea for a YA contemporary book for a while now so I might participate in the future.
    I wish you all the luck with your writing!

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