What demigod are you quiz? | seeing if my sister and I would be in the same cabin at camp half-blood

So, this morning I thought that it would be a good idea to write a Percy Jackson post, because why not? So I took the quiz to find out who my godly parent would be! My sister, Jazzy who’s also a huge Percy Jackson fan took the quiz with me, and if you read to the end of the post, you can see if we ended up with the same result!

take the quiz with me here

Wait a second. Why is there no purple? Purple is magnificent, wonderful, and amazing. Oh fine, I guess I’ll pick blue then.

Jazzy’s answer: Pink

The beach and the forest are both great, cemeteries creep me out (sorry I’m not a child of Hades) and the mall and concert hall or fine. But you do know you’re reading a book blog, right? I love libraries!!!

Jazzy’s answer: the beach

I’m vegetarian, so a few of those are out of the question. Rice cakes are okay, and I love s’mores, but veggie sushi is amazing!

Jazzy’s answer: tuna

Definitely riding a horse. I love horses!

Jazzy’s answer: riding a horse

Aw, look at the cute dog! But I’ve got to say either owl or dolphin? They’re both great, but I think that I’ll to go with dolphins. My favorite animal has been an orca since I was really little, and I’ve always been fascinated by whales and dolphins.

Jazzy’s answer: deer

Classical. Definitely classical. I really like classical music!

Jazzy’s answer: cool jazz

I don’t know. Probably voice recorder though, so I could take notes and stuff and record my ideas.

Jazzy’s answer: Voice recorder

Definitely being too proud, and not wanting to ask people for help.

Jazzy’s answer: I can be too proud.

I think that my best quality might be that I’m an independent worker.

Jazzy’s answer: I’m creative

So, our results were the same! Which makes sense, since we’re sisters. It was a bit surprising though, since we only answered 3 out of the 9 questions the same. I’ve never done a quiz post before, and it was really fun, so I might do one of these again!

It was interesting however to get Poseidon. I guess we’ll be sharing a cabin with Percy! I was kind of hoping to get Athena, but it’s still awesome to get Poseidon. It does make sense; I chose the color blue, we both chose horses, Jazzy chose the beach, and I chose dolphin.

If you’re still with me, which book on my TBR should I read next. I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing, and I’m currently reading the Henna Wars. I’m definitely going to read the Percy Jackson books soon, but I have a few others on my TBR:

Also, to add on to this already long post, HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to A Thousand Perfect Notes, by C. G. Drews. This wonderful contemporary novel that I recently read is turning two years old!

The author has a wonderful blog, Paper Fury, and I encourage you to go check it out, because Cait has amazing posts!

Who’s your godly parent? Have you read A Thousand Perfect Notes? Which book on my TBR do you think I should read next? Chat with me in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “What demigod are you quiz? | seeing if my sister and I would be in the same cabin at camp half-blood

  1. it’s so funny that both you and your sister got the same god, because when i made my sister take it and she chose different answers, we also got the same result (athena) too!! i think my parent is either athena or apollo, both of them fit me really well 😭

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    1. Athena is great, and you’d get to share a cabin with Annabeth, which would be amazing!!! Apollo is so hilarious, and I love reading about him in the books 🙂

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  2. I did this the other day and got Artemis. I totally agree about purple though, why is it not there?? I also seriously need to read the Percy Jackson books soon. Can’t believe I haven’t yet 🙈

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