47, by Walter Mosely

The book 47 is about a young boy who is a slave in 1832. He has no name, but is called 47. He is sent to work in the cotton fields, and one day finds a boy who calls himself Tall John, who immediately changes not only his life but his ideas and ways of thinking.

This book is a very powerful book about a young boy born into slavery, and the author, Walter Mosley, does a very good job showing how if you’ve grown up knowing something and only that one thing that it is hard, but not impossible to change your way of thinking.

Walter Mosley shows this when 47 is astonished at the fact that he could be free, not someone else’s property, and when he stumbles upon the idea that he could have the responsibilities of a white man, he cannot really imagine that to be true.

I think that 47 is a very good book, however, it is very intense, and shows all aspects of slavery, bringing attention to the horrifying ‘trade’ that went on in the United States. This book was very meaningful, and I really liked it.