Let’s Talk Bookish: Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Hello, and happy Thursday! The start of the school year is off to an okay start, but it’s been a very busy first few weeks. The first few days were rough, but I really like my classes, especially English! My English teacher is really nice, and although I do have a lot of homework, it’s all been really fun so far. I didn’t have a chance to get this post out last Friday, but even though this is very late, I’m really excited for this topic!

Anyways, onto Let’s Talk Bookish. This topic, tips for newbie bloggers was the first one that I remember reading about, and it’s what introduced me to Let’s Talk Bookish back in September 2019. It was right after I started blogging, so all of the tips were so helpful to me starting out! I hope that my tips, and everyone else’s (which are all linked at the bottom of this post) can be helpful to some of you, and with that, I’m going to get into this LTB post!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and has been hosted by me since April of this year! Each Friday, there is a discussion topic for bloggers to write about. This week’s topic is tips for newbie bloggers (suggested by me!)

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