Let’s Talk Bookish: Book to Film Adaptations

Hello, and happy last day of June! I’ve had a very busy last couple of weeks, but I am really excited for this LTB topic. So, even though it’s very late, I’m still going to do this post all about book to film adaptations. There are some really good ones, and some really bad ones, so here are all my opinions!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and has been hosted by me since April of this year! Each Friday, there is a discussion topic for bloggers to write about. This week’s topic is book to film adaptations (suggested by me), and that’s what I’m going to be writing about today.

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What I loved in the Shadow and Bone Netflix adaptation

I got my first covid vaccine on Saturday, and I was so tired for the rest of the day and most of Sunday that I really didn’t have then energy to post. I’m really grateful I was able to get my shot though, and it was so exciting to see that the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 12-15. The symptoms I had were a headache, being very tired, and my arm was pretty sore, but after a little over a day I felt pretty much better.

Anyways, if you haven’t already, and you’re able to where you live, you should go get your covid vaccine.

So, onto the post! On April 23rd, the Netflix show Shadow and Bone was released, which is the adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s YA fantasy Shadow and Bone. The show is an adaptation of the first book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and also takes characters from the duology set in the same world, Six of Crows.

This is the first of a few posts I have planned about the Shadow and Bone, and I’m really excited to share this one!! I thought I’d start by writing about some of the things that I loved in the adaptation, so that’s what the post is about.

I also made this post as spoiler free as possible. I have mentioned characters that appear in the show from the books, as well as a few minor details mentioned in the trailer, but other than that, there is nothing.

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The Lighting Thief: book, movie and musical | ft. some reasons on why I love the book, why I despise the movie, and why the musical is pretty amazing

Two months ago Kay @ Hammock of Books did a post with her thoughts on the Percy Jackson movie. It was so hilarious, and brought back memories of the first time I watched the movie. I didn’t watch it when it first came out, since I was four, but I did watch it a few years ago, when I was eleven or twelve, I think.

So, I thought, why not do a similar thing? So I did, even if it took me a really long time. I watched the movie and wrote down my thoughts on it as I was watching it. That’s what I have below.

Since I don’t want it to be a completely negative post, I’m also going to include a few reasons why I like the Lightning Thief musical, which I was also able to see, and some of my favorite parts from the book itself.

The thing is, The Lightning Thief started as a book, and now it’s more than that. Not that it’s become a musical, movie, and is soon to be a show, but now, it’s a universe. Everything that Rick Riordan has written is so much more than a few stories, and it all started with this one book.

So, I’m going to be going through the different ways that the original book has been told, and share my thoughts!

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