Let’s Talk Bookish – May 2023 topics

Hello, and happy Monday! I’m very excited to share the May 2023 Let’s Talk Bookish topics with you all, and I’m excited to see what you all write about them in the next few weeks. So, let’s get into the list!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where each Friday, bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week. Since April 2022, I’ve been the host of LTB, and I post each month’s topics here on my blog!

I also have an archive of the topics here on Book Nook Bits, which you can find in the menu of my blog! My archive has the topics from April 2022 and all months going forwards, and all previous topics can be found on Rukky’s blog.

Thank you so much to Hannah and Jillian for suggesting our topics for May! If you’d like to suggest a topic, you can do so using the Google Form linked at the end of this post.

May 5: Long Series vs. Short Series (Hannah @ Hannah’s Library)

Prompts: What is the ideal number of books in a series? Does it depend on the genre? Do you prefer longer series with five or more books, or shorter series with less than that? Have you ever read a duology and if so, did you wish it was longer, or was two books enough for the story?

 May 12: Book Blogger’s Imposter Syndrome (Aria)

Prompts: How long have you been blogging? Do you feel like you’ve ‘figured out’ blogging, or do you ever doubt yourself? Do you feel you ever have book blogger’s imposter syndrome? How do you find confidence with your blogging and writing?

May 19: How Do You Decide What Books to Prioritize on Your TBR? (Jillian @ Jillian the Bookish Butterfly)

Prompts: Do you have a lot of books on your TBR (to-be-read) list? Do you always have specific books at the top of that list? Or do you just pick up whatever book you feel like? How do you decided what books to prioritize on your TBR? 

May 26: What Causes Reading Slumps? (Aria)

Prompts: There have been past LTB topics about ways to get out of reading slumps, but I was curious about why they happen in the first place. Do you fall into reading slumps often? What causes them? Are there patterns you notice with when you tend to read fewer books? What do you do to get out of a reading slump?

Even if you don’t participate by writing LTB discussions, if you have any suggestions or ideas for topics, so you can share your ideas using the google form below!

What do you think of the topics for May? Do you participate in LTB? Chat with me in the comments below!

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