Let’s Talk Bookish: Eating & Reading

Hello, and happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had good weeks; mine has been very long, and I’m very ready for the weekend. I am doing Model UN though with my school, and the conference is happening right now. It started Thursday night, and ends tomorrow evening, so Sunday will be most of the time I have to rest and relax. Model UN’s been really fun so far though, and I’m excited for tomorrow. Anyways, this week’s topic is a super fun one, so I’m excited to talk all about eating and reading for this week’s LTB post!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and is hosted by me! Each Friday, there is a discussion topic for bloggers to write about, and this week’s topic eating and reading: yay or nay? (suggested by Fives @ Down the Rabbit Hole).

Do you ever (carefully) eat and read at the same time?

I definitely do! I eat and read all the time. Pretty much whenever I’m eating and not doing anything else, I’m reading at the same time. I read a lot when I eat breakfast; that just a couple extra minutes when I’m able to read, so I try to take it when I can. I also snack a lot while reading; fruit, berries, chips…

Or are your books too precious to possibly get dirty?

I’m definitely careful when I eat and read, and there are some books that I always tiptoe around reading, but I don’t think that it’s worth having lots of books if you can’t even read them. I do eat a lot more when I’m reading books on my kindle; I don’t

Do any books ever make you hungry? 

I haven’t really ever thought about that question before, but maybe? Some books, like Tweet Cute, by Emma Lord, for example, are constantly talking about delicious foods that I can’t help but want to eat. I mean, if the main characters are talking about some delicious pie they had, then I’m definitely going to want to eat it.

Perhaps eating and an audiobook?

I definitely eat a lot while listening to audiobooks. I mean, I do a lot while listening to audiobooks. They’re really nice because I’m able to eat, or get ready for school, or clean my room, or really anything. Overall, audiobooks are a way for me to multitask while reading, which opens up a lot of time that I wouldn’t have been able to read at all if I just had a physical or ebook.

Is there a time and place for a nice snack or meal with a good book, or should books be focused on independently?

I think that whenever you feel like eating and reading is the right time. If some people prefer to have their attention completely focused on a book, then that’s great too! But overall, it’s just up to any individual, and there’s no right or wrong way.

Wrapping this up…

I love eating while reading; if I’m reading while eating breakfast, or listening to an audiobook while getting ready for school, or snacking while curled up with my comfort read on a rainy day, it’s always fun. It’s something that I’ve always done and never given much thought to, so I’m curious to here how you all approach the topic!

I can’t wait to see all of your thoughts on this week’s topic, so if you have a blog post, don’t forget to add it to the link-up below!

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Do you ever eat while reading? Do any books ever make you hungry?  What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? Chat with me in the comments below!

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