My 2021 reading stats

Hello, and happy Friday! Today I have a post with lots of fun graphs and charts: my reading stats from 2021! For all of 2021 I used The Storygraph to track my reading, and I really loved using it. The website wraps up all of your reading, and makes really fun graphs of all your reading stats, like the length of the books you read, or the different genres.

I’m really excited to go through all of my reading stats from the last year, and to talk about each one!

My overall reading goal for 2021 was to read 120 books, and I reached that goal. I ended up reading a total of 121 books, which I think is a perfect number for 2021!!

I love looking back at the moods of the books that I read. The moods of books are a cool feature on the Storygraph website, and are determined by readers’ reviews. My top moods were adventurous, with 60 books, emotional, with 48 books, and mysterious, with 39 books. I’m not surprised by any of these, since I love adventurous books, as well as very emotional books, and ones that are mysterious.

I also read 29 lighthearted books, and 17 dark books, which is cool to see. Both of those stats making sense to me because I like to read a very wide range of books, especially in terms of mood & the intensity of the book.

In 2021, 48% of the books I read were fast paced, 47% were medium paced, and 6% were slow paced.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I love fast paced and medium paced books, but I really don’t enjoy books that are more slow paced, and often struggle to get through them.

And here are the rest of my stats for the year, without commentary because I currently have very little time!

How many books did you read in 2021? Do you use Storygraph? What do you think about all these stats? Chat with me in the comments below!

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