22 books I want to read in 2022

Hello! I hope that you’ve all had a good weekend. I felt pretty sick today, and didn’t do much, but I did work on putting together this list! I thought that as we’re approaching the new year, it would be fun to make a list of 22 books to read in 2021. I wanted to try and have a pretty wide range of books here, from some middle grades, a handful of fantasy, and even a nonfiction book.

This is also my second year making a list like this. I didn’t do so well on the list I made last year, even though it was a lot fewer books. Out of the 12 that I said I wanted to read in 2021, I only read five. I did discover some new favorites though! I am hoping to do a lot better with the list I’m making for this year.

Middle grade

Amina’s Song, by Hena Khan is the sequel to Amina’s Voice, which I read a few years ago and loved. I’ve wanted to read the sequel for a long time, just never got around to it, but I’m really excited to continue Amina’s story sometime soon.

I love Margarita Engle’s books, and Your Heart My Sky sounds like beautiful novel, and one that I really really want to read.

Brandy Colbert is one of my favorite authors, and I love reading her books. The Only Black Girls in Town sounds really incredible, and I know I’m going to love it.


Concrete Rose, by Angie Thomas is the sequel to The Hate U Give, which I read a few years ago and thought was really incredible. I think that it will be really interesting to go back into the world of The Hate U Give, and to learn more about the characters.

I don’t know a whole lot about All American Boys, by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, but from the synopsis it sounds amazing. I’ve also read a handful of other books by Jason Reynolds, and have loved them, so that makes me even more excited for All American Boys.

The Last True Poets of the Sea, by Julia Drake sounds like a really beautiful contemporary, and I think that I’m going to love reading it. Plus, it has the most gorgeous cover!

I really liked reading Five Feet Apart, so I think that I’m going to love this other Rachael Lippincott book: The Lucky List. The premise sounds so, so good, and I’m so excited to get to it!

This is my America seems like an amazing and powerful novel, and is one that I’ve wanted to read for a while. Plus, the author is from where I live, which is really really cool!

Urban fantasy

Cemetery Boys, by Aiden Thomas has a fascinating premise, an amazing cover, and the book has amazing diversity with a trans, Latinx main character.

I loved Kalynn Bayron’s debut, Cinderella is Dead, and I cannot wait to get to This Poison Heart. It’s taken me way to long to read it, but it’s going to be one of the first from this list that I get to next year.

Star Daughter, by Shveta Thakrar seems like it has such a beautiful plot, and I’ve heard really wonderful things about it that make me so excited to read the book!

High fantasy

  • Defy the night
  • Sisters of the snake
  • Torch against the night
  • Beasts of prey
  • The gilded ones
  • Jade fire gold

I really liked An Ember in the Ashes, and am very excited for the sequel, A Torch Against the Night, by Sabaa Tahir. Its such an interesting fantasy, and is set in such an interesting world. I’m very excited to continue reading the story of Laia and Elias.

All of Brigid Kemerer’s books sound fantastic, but I especially want to read Defy the Night. I’ve been excited it since before it came out, but for some reason haven’t read it yet. I really want to get to it in 2022, and I think that I’m really going to like it.

Sisters of the Snake, by Sarena and Sasha Nanua seems like it’s a really unique an interesting fantasy. Plus, it’s written by sisters, which is so cool, and makes me want to read it even more!

Beasts of Prey, by Ayana Gray, The Gilded Ones, by Namina Forna and Jade Fire Gold, by June CL Tan also all seem like really amazing high fantasies that I can’t wait to read.


The Curse of the Specter Queen, by Jenny Elder Moke is a historical fantasy, which is my favorite genre. I’m really excited for it, and the magic system in particular looks like a fascinating part of the book.

I’ve read one of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s other books, Where the Crawdads Sing, and I loved it, which is part of the reason why I can’t wait for Daisy Jones and the Six. It also seems like just an absolutely incredible book, and I’ve heard really amazing things about it.

The Unanswered Letter, by Faris Cassel is historical nonfiction, and is about a family during the holocaust, their plea for help, and how it was buried only to be uncovered decades later. It seems like a really remarkably written book, and is one that I think is going to be very interesting to read.


A Lesson in Vengeance, by Victoria Lee is a sapphic, young adult thriller that sounds absolutely amazing. It’s set at Dalloway School, a boarding school in the Catskill mountains, and is full of magic, murder and witches.

My dad has wanted me to read World War Z, by Max Brooks for a while, and I’m planning on trying to read it at the beginning of the year. It seems like a really interesting book, and I’m really excited to read it!

I’m really really excited for all 22 of these books, and I can’t wait to read them over the next year. I think that I could discover some new favorites from the books here!

Have you read any of the books I listed? What are some books you want to read in 2022? Chat with me in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “22 books I want to read in 2022

  1. So many great books here. I hope you end up loving them all. I have read Cemetery Boys and it matches the hype perfectly imo!! I know one of my friends really loved All American Boys so I think it will be a great read. This is My America, Sisters of the Snake and A Lesson in Vengeance are all on my TBR too. Happy reading !! 💜

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