Writing update: My plans for nanowrimo 2021

Hello! Today I had a test in literature which wasn’t great, and I had a bunch of health homework. I was able to finish all that though, and made time to put together this writing update with all my plans for this year’s nanowrimo! Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and the goal is to write a novel in a month. This is my second November participating, and I couldn’t be more excited (although I can’t believe how quickly Novembers come up!!) So, without further ado, I’m going to get right into my goals for this year’s nanowrimo!

A little update on my other projects & writing:

I had a lot of pretty big plans for August and September in terms of writing, and I wasn’t able to come close to any of them. I just haven’t had the time, with school and dance and everything that’s going on.

I’ve chipped away a bit at my fantasy WIP, and I passed 20 thousand words a few weeks ago, which was exciting. I also briefly revisited my nanowrimo project from 2020, which was interesting, and it made me want to go back and really take some time to polish it up.

I also have been going to my school’s writing club, which is so much fun!! It’s so great to get to meet other writers in real life, and we’ve done some short stories with prompts, and a bit of nano prep which has been amazing!!

Other than that, I’ve had to step away from my big writing projects, which does make me a little sad. I’ve written a couple short stories that I kind of liked, and have experimented with writing in 2nd person which is really cool. I’m thinking of sharing some of my short stories at some point, but I’d love to hear if you’d be interested in that!

Where I am in prep & a bit about my nano project:

a little aesthetic-y thing for my nano novel, which i don’t yet have a name for, so i’m calling it aurora and calypso for now, and tentatively waiting for dawn. enjoy. this took me way too long.

I’d planned to do the nano prep course September and October, but unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen. I’m actually pretty happy with where I am in terms of prep right now though, which is quite surprising! I still have a couple days worth of prep, but thankfully I’ll have Friday afternoon, and really the whole weekend to get really ready.

I have a pretty loose outline for the plot, which is what I’ve figured out works best for me, and I’m really excited to get into writing this book in just a week from now!

So far, I’ve divided it into five parts, which I’m planning to be about 10 thousand words each, and I’m so happy with how that’s going! I spent a little time planning out the first part in more detail a couple days ago, and I’m really so incredible excited about what I have planned for that part!!

The book is a sapphic sleeping beauty retelling set in Ancient Greece, and it’s about Aurora, the daughter of a Greek king and Calypso, the nymph from Greek mythology. I came up with the idea for it at the end of nanowrimo last year, but wanted to wait until now to start writing it!

I really really want to reach the end of the first draft, and really complete the story by the end of the month, even if I can’t get the word count up to 50k.

My goals for the month:

I’m going to go for the whole 50 thousand this month, no matter how unrealistic that seems. I would be so happy with myself if I could get to 50 thousand, though it’s probably unlikely. I’m going to try my best though, and I’ll see how it goes! At the very least, I want to write a huge chunk of my book.

More importantly than the word count, like I said before, I really want to complete the story, finish my first draft, no matter how rough it is!

I also want to do at least one writing check-in about halfway through the month, if not more. Ideally I’d do one every week, but since that is very unlikely to happen, I’m going to aim for one, and possibly do two.

Wrapping this up:

I’m so excited for nanowrimo this year, and I’m so excited to be doing another writing update for you all. It’s been a while since the last one, but I’m more excited than ever to be sharing my writing plans here!

Have you done nanowrimo before? Do you have any current writing projects? What do you think about these plans? Chat with me in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Writing update: My plans for nanowrimo 2021

  1. ahh.. good luck with NANOWRIMO, I have always wanted to participate at some point but I never seem to get my prep done in time. But I am sending all good thoughts your way and I love the sound of your premise and your aesthetic board, *heart eyes all around*, it will be ah-mazing!! I also love the sound of a writing club at school, nice to interact with fellow writers !! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! More than anything, nano is just really great motivation for me to get writing done!! I’m so glad you like the sound of the premise, and the aesthetic board. It took me so long, but I feel like it really represents the aesthetic of the book.
      The writing club is really so so nice to have!! Thank you so much for commenting!! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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