The Bronzed Beasts, by Roshani Chokshi | a fanastic conclusion to an amazing series

Hello, and welcome to the review of my most anticipated releast of 2021! The Bronzed Beasts is the conclusion to The Gilded Wolves trilogy, a historical fantasy series that I’ve been following for a very long time. I first read The Gilded Wolves at the beginning of 2020, then eagerly awaited The Silvered Serpents, and painfully waited for The Bronzed Beasts. I ended up miraculously winning a goodreads giveaway for The Bronzed Beasts, which is how I ended up with the advance copy I’m going to be reviewing today!

This review, like all of mine, will be fully spoiler free for all the books in the trilogy, so without further ado, let’s get into the review!

The Bronzed Beasts

Author: Roshani Chokshi

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Release Date: September 21st, 2021

Genre: Young adult, historical fantasy

Storygraph | Goodreads

*this review is spoiler free. however, the synopsis contains spoilers for the first two books in the trilogy. if you have not read both The Gilded Wolves and The Silvered Serpents skip past to the banner that says “my thoughts”.*


Returning to the dark and glamorous 19th century world of her New York Times instant bestseller, The Gilded Wolves, Roshani Chokshi dazzles us with the final riveting tale as full of mystery and danger as ever.

In love they breathed. In destiny they believed. In the end, will divinity be their demise?

After Séverin’s seeming betrayal, the crew is fractured. Armed with only a handful of hints, Enrique, Laila, Hypnos and Zofia must find their way through the snarled, haunted waterways of Venice, Italy to locate Séverin. 

Meanwhile, Séverin must balance the deranged whims of the Patriarch of the Fallen House and discover the location of a temple beneath a plague island where the Divine Lyre can be played and all that he desires will come to pass. 

With only ten days until Laila expires, the crew will face plague pits and deadly masquerades, unearthly songs and the shining steps of a temple whose powers might offer divinity itself…but at a price they may not be willing to pay.

I have never cried more over a book than I did with The Bronzed Beasts. And I cry over everything. I teared up watching Inside Out in seventh grade. Sometimes I cry thinking about Percabeth. But I full on sobbed my way through The Bronzed Beasts. And it was amazing.

The characters are truly incredibly written, and the diversity in the trilogy is amazing:

A Haitian-French and queer boy who just wants to fit in. A bisexual Filipino-Spanish historian who wants to be heard. A Polish and Jewish arsonist and teenager with OCD and autism who needs to be loved. An Indian girl on borrowed time, and a French and Algerian full of ambition.

Severin. Oh, Severin. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to murder him. I wanted to scream at him. He is such a complex and well written character, and his character arc is truly incredible. He is morally grey, but not just ‘makes a few bad decisions to stir in with the good ones’ morally grey. Severin Montagnet Alarie is really and truly a morally grey character.

Laila is too good for this world, and I love her so much. She is so kind, and so considerate to everyone around her in a really beautiful way.

Hypnos, for all his drama queen ways, just wants to fit in, and seriously, someone just needs to invite him to a party. Forever exclude from everything, even Order events, all he wants is to really be accepted into the group.

Zofia is another character with an amazing arc, but doesn’t have just that. She is so beautifully written, and I just want to go and give her a big hug. She’s been through so much, and deserve all the best in life.

I so deeply relate to Enrique, in ways I can’t fully describe through this post. He is so enthralled by history, and has a deep hunger for ancient knowledge. He is also ten times the person I will ever be; so selfless, and so kind.

Roshani Chokshi is a genius, which is something I’ve already established here on my blog, but in the Bronzed Beasts every bit is just so masterfully told. The plot is full of shocking twists and turns that seamlessly mold into the plot, and it makes reading this trilogy conclusion just all the more magical.

I love historical fantasy; if I had to pick one single genre to say as my favorite, I’d pick it. It combines my two favorite things; historical fiction, and magical fantasy worlds. The setting of each book in The Gilded Wolves trilogy is just so unique, and so immersive. From Paris during the World Exposition (book 1), to wintry Russia, (book 2), to the winding canals of Venice (book 3.) This is definitely aided by the stunning covers for each book, each with an amazing aesthetic of their own.

In the series, some people have the ability to manipulate either mind or material, a power the West calls forging. There is forging of metal, of really anything; you just have to have the affinity for it. There is even the rare power of blood forging.

The Order of Babel is also quite important in this world of forging; they hold many treasures within their walls, most of which have been stolen from other civilizations. There are many important discussions on the dangers and harm of colonialism put on many places in the world, and these themes show up many times throughout the books.

Roshani Chokshi is the author of commercial and critically acclaimed books for middle grade and young adult readers that draws on world mythology and faolklore. Her work has been nominated for the Locus and Nebula awards, and has frequently appeared on Best of The Year lists from Barnes and Noble, Forbes, Buzzfeed and more. Her New York Times bestselling series includes The Star-Touched Queen duology, The Gilded Wolves, and Aru Shah and The End of Time, which was recently optioned for film by Paramount Pictures.

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The Gilded Wolves trilogy is a must-read for fans of historical fantasy, and historical fiction or fantasy in general. It’s an imersive, beautiful, and thrilling tale full of love, deceit, longing and betrayals.

My rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you read The Gilded Wolves? What’s a historical fantasy you love? What did you think of this review? Chat with me in the comments below!

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