Welcome to my WIPs: a new blog feature!!

Hello, and happy Thursday!! I’ve been wanting a way to talk about the books I’m writing and want to write on my blog for a while, and I’ve finally come up with a fun way to. Welcome to my WIPs is a feature that I’m launching on my blog, and you can expect to start seeing the posts in September.

For more details on what it’s going to be, and how it’s going to work, read on!

(Also, WIP stands for work in progress. Here, I’m talking about the books I’m writing!)

Introducing you all to the books in my head

I am always coming up with new book ideas, and am always starting to write them, or at least write down the basic ideas to keep for later if I want to go back to them.

I want to go over my main ideas for the plot, but also do things like moodboards, or having little descriptions of the main characters. I’m going to do one post for each of my WIPs, and talk about each one individually in each post, and share all of it with you!

Having a place to keep track of it all, and being able to look back on it

Right now, my book ideas are in a jumble of notebooks, google docs, and random files in the notes app. Hopefully, this will give me a place where I can combine them all together and not lose track of them.

It will also be so fun for me to be able to look back on what I wrote a few months or years from now; to see if I ever wrote more of this, or maybe to have ideas to come back to when I’m really stuck!

How many posts with this will I do?

Right now, I have around five planned, and am going to do one or two each month through December. Its very likely that I’ll skip this in November because of nanowrimo, but I’ll definitely do posts all of the other months.

At the beginning of 2022, I want to see where I am with everything, and how I’m liking the feature. After looking at that, I might continue it, or change how I do it a little, while still keeping the main idea.

Wrapping up:

This post is overall pretty short, and is more of an update than anything. I’m super excited for this though, and I hope you are too. I’d love to hear any ideas you have for this feature, or anything in general you have to say about it!

Are you writing any books right now? What do you think about this new feature? Do you have any ideas for it? Chat with me in the comments below!

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