13 shows that have gotten me through covid!

Hello!! I haven’t posted in a week, because I kept wanting to do something fun for this post, because it’s my 300th post!! I can’t believe that I have been blogging long enough to have written 300 entire posts, and I am so excited about it. I don’t have anything really special to do for it, but I thought I’d make a list of thirteen shows that I’ve loved watching throughout the pandemic, and share that with you all!!

1. Avatar: the Last Airbender

I watched Avatar: the last airbender last summer after it was added to netflix, and I loved it so much!! All of the characters, the plot, and the world were all so fun. I convinced my dad to watch it with me at the beginning of 2021, and he ended up really liking it which was fun!

2. The Legend of Korra

I watched The Legend of Korra after finishing Avatar, and loved it just as much!! TLoK takes place in the same universe as ATLA, but seventy years later, and with different characters. I think that Korra is a really amazing protagonist, and all of the side characters are so amazing!

3. The Amazing Race

I’ve been watching the Amazing Race since way before covid, but I’ve watched it a ton more during the pandemic! It’s such a fun show, and I love seeing all the difference places the teams travel each season.

4. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra is such a great show, with amazing POC and LGBTQ+ representation. Literally every character is queer, and its just so fantastic to watch.

5. Miraculous Ladybug

In spring of 2020, when I was really doing nothing outside of the tiny bit of schoolwork I had I started watching Miraculous Ladybug on netflix, and watched the whole show over the next couple months. It’s actually realy good, and I’m excited for the next season, which comes out on Disney plus starting later this month!


This list would not be complete if I left out Shadow and Bone. I read Six of Crows ages ago, but somehow didn’t know that there was a show coming out until December!! I’ve watched the show multiple times already, and I think that it’s an incredible adaptation of the books!! (season 2 was also officially announced today, and I’m so excited!! We’re going to see Wylan and Nikolai and Toyla and Tamar and so many others, and I just can’t wait!!)

7. The Owl House

I love this show so much, and I can’t wait to start watching season 2, which premiers this friday! It took me a couple of months to get through the whole season, because I kept putting it aside, but it’s such a great show!!

8. Gilmore Girls

I started watching Gilmore Girls when I turned 13, a few months before covid hit, but during the first few months of the pandemic was when I watched most of it! My mom and I had a lot more time to watch the show when we were in shelter in place, and the show is so good!!

9. Reign

I’ve actually only just started watching this, but there are four seasons, and I know that at the rate I’m going, this show is going to last me a long time! I love the historical setting, all of the gorgeous ball gowns, and literally everything in it! It does get kinda bloody at times, but I just look away and miss those plot points 😂

10. Carmen Sandiego

I first watched this show a couple years ago, in sixth grade, and since then I’ve loved it and have continuously waited for each season to come out. The last two were a little dissapointing, but were still fun, and I liked watching them over quarantine. It’s a show that I’ve been watching (and rewatching) since I was eleven or twelve, and it’s always so fun to go back to!

11. The Good Place

I watched The Good Place with my parents earlier this year, I really liked it. It could be a kinda weird show at times, but overall I really loved it, and I loved all of the characters! It is overall such an entertaining show, and goes in directions I never could have expected.

12. Dash and Lily

I watched Dash and Lily last winter, and loved every bit of it so much!! After watching it, I read the book, and loved that even more!! The show is so sweet, and the book references are all amazing!!

13. Lost in Space

I watched Lost in Space with my family, and really loved it!! I’m not usually a fan of space stuff, books, movies or shows, but I had so much fun watching Lost in Space.

I had a lot of fun making this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Have you seen any of these? What are some of your favorite shows? Chat with me in the comments below!

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