April 2021 wrap up and May goals

Hello! I hope that you’ve all had a good April. I had an okay month, although it went by very quickly, and I cannot beleive that tomorrow is May!

Before I get into the post, I want to say an enormous thank you for 300 followers here on my blog!! It’s amazing that so many of you are interested in sticking around for all of my craziness over here, and I’m so grateful to every one of you. It feels like I just reached 200, and I was so surprised when I realized that I’d reached the milestone.

In April, I read 12 books

  • 5 were audiobooks
  • 4 were ebooks
  • 3 were physical books

I’m really happy with what I read in April! I mostly reread books, with the first three Aru Shah books, and five of the 39 clues books. Rule of Wolves was absolutely incredible, as were Winter and Sweet & Bitter Magic.

In April I wrote…

My goals for posting in April was 10 posts, and I did not reach that, or even my smaller goal of 8. With this wrap up, I have a total of 7 posts, and while it’s not what I hoped for, I’m happy with the content of the posts I did write.

This is my TBR for May!

It’s 16 books, and definitely pretty ambitious. It is, however, all ARCs and library books, so they’re books that I do have to read by a certain time. There are a few on the shorter side, however, and I’m looking forward to that. Overall, I think I have a pretty good range of genres and age groups, from middle-grade fantasy, to YA contemporary, to adult dystopian fiction.

I might also read a couple audiobooks, although I don’t have any definite ones I’m going to try and read. The Renegades trilogy, by Marissa Meyer is a possibility, since I’ve been really enjoying her books. I’ll have to see how that goes thought!

In May, I’m going to try and post 8 times. I think that aiming for twice a week should be a pretty realistic goal. I am also going to try and schedule some of the posts in advance, or at least draft them before the days I need to publish them.

I’m going to do my best to also go back to participating in Let’s Talk Bookish more, and try and write all four posts, for all four of the prompts

In April, my goals for writing were to participate in camp nanowrimo, and get to thirty thousand words of my Peter Pan retelling book. About a third of the way into the month, I decided to change my plans. I found out about a writing mentorship program for teenagers, and decided to apply for it!

For the writing sample though, I wanted something knew, so I spent the rest of the month writing a few chapters of another project I’ve been thinking of for a couple months. It’s high fantasy, and follows the perspectives of three main characters.

So, overall, what I got done in April in terms of writing was: 10 thousand words of the Peter Pan book and 3.4 thousand words of my fantasy book, plus my application for the mentorship program.

For May, my goal is to make some progress on the fantasy book. I want to try and reach 10 thousand words on it, and overall to just work a little on it every week throughout the month.

April was overall a pretty crazy month: the fourth Aru Shah book came out, which I absolutely loved reading, and the Shadow and Bone show was also released on the 23rd! Happy one week of it being out in the world 🙂

I loved the show so much, and I’ll probably do some sort of post about it in the next couple months. Overall though, it was fantastic, and I loved seeing all of the characters brought on screen.

In April, I started going back in person for school. Although it’s only a hybrid model, and I’m only there for a few hours each week, it’s still a big change. So far that’s been pretty good.

The COVID cases in my county are going back up, which isn’t good, and we’re being placed back in extreme risk.

Casting for the role of Percy Jackson started (!!!) and I am so excited! It’s progress on the Disney plus adaptation, and I can’t wait to see more information (hopefully) coming soon!

How was your April? What are some of your goals for May? Did you read any good books this month? Chat with me in the comments below!

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