Five Reasons Why You Should Read Aru Shah and the End of Time, by Roshani Chokshi

So I started writing this post in October, and kind of forgot about it until I was digging through my drafts and realized that I’d actually written most of it!

I haven’t ever done a post like this, but I’ve wanted to for a while. Hopefully I’ll have more recommendation posts, and lists like this of why you should read certain books.

Anyways, Aru Shah and the End of Time is the first in the five book Pandava series by Roshani Chokshi, published through the Rick Riordan Presents imprint. Roshani Chokshi is also the author of the Star-Touched Queen series, and the Gilded Wolves trilogy. The fourth book of the Pandava series, Aru Shah and the City of Gold comes out in just a couple days, and I am so excited! Anyways, here are five reasons why you should read Aru Shah and the End of Time, by Roshani Chokshi.

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Author: Roshani Chokshi

Release Date: March 27th 2018

Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents

Genre: Middle grade, fantasy, mythology

Storygraph | Goodreads


Twelve-year-old Aru Shah has a tendency to stretch the truth in order to fit in at school. While her classmates are jetting off to family vacations in exotic locales, she’ll be spending her autumn break at home, in the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture, waiting for her mom to return from her latest archeological trip. Is it any wonder that Aru makes up stories about being royalty, traveling to Paris, and having a chauffeur?

One day, three schoolmates show up at Aru’s doorstep to catch her in a lie. They don’t believe her claim that the museum’s Lamp of Bharata is cursed, and they dare Aru to prove it. Just a quick light, Aru thinks. Then she can get herself out of this mess and never ever fib again.

But lighting the lamp has dire consequences. She unwittingly frees the Sleeper, an ancient demon whose duty it is to awaken the God of Destruction. Her classmates and beloved mother are frozen in time, and it’s up to Aru to save them.

The only way to stop the demon is to find the reincarnations of the five legendary Pandava brothers, protagonists of the Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, and journey through the Kingdom of Death. But how is one girl in Spider-Man pajamas supposed to do all that?

1. The mythology is woven into the book in a magical, amazing way

The book is based off of Hindu mythology and follows 12 year old Aru Shah when she finds out that she is the reincarnation of one of the five Pandava brothers. Roshani Chokshi seamlessly weaves the magic of Hindu mythology into the modern world and writes the book in a way where it is fun to learn about the myths and legends.

I think that it is also important to note that when I read Aru Shah, I read the glossary. I never read the glossary of books, but Roshani Chokshi wrote it in a way that I was actually interested and engaged in learning about the different figures in Hindu mythology after finishing the book itself.

2. The book is full of sarcasm and humor and is overall hilarious

When reading Aru Shah, I was constantly laughing out loud at the jokes Aru made, or the entertaining banter between the characters. I mean, with one of the main characters a talking pidgeon, the book is bound to be funny.

The writing is all really clever and witty, and is mixed into the plot to form a perfect blend of serious and fun.

3. The adventures

Quests, time limits, unhelpful gods… Aru Shah and the End of Time has all of that. In the first book in the series, Aru must go with her newfound Pandava sister on a quest ordered by the gods themselves.

Everything about the quests that Aru must got on are so complex and well thought out, and are always entertaining to read about.

4. The chapter titles

The chapter titles themselves deserve a whole part of this post. The chapter titles combine Roshani Chokshi’s excellent writing and her cleverness with the humor in the book, to set the stage over and over for the next sections of the novel.

The chapter titles in Aru Shah are similar to those in Percy Jackson, however are one hundred percent unique in their own way.

5. The loveable characters and amazing friendships

Aru is a fantastic protagonist, and I love Mini so much. All of the characters in the Pandava series have so much depth and amazing personality, and the main characters from Aru, Mini and Boo, to in later books Aiden and Brynne are all so lovable and fun to read about.

The Potatoes (what Aru’s group calls themselves) are such good friends, and and all really have amazing personalities and characters. The reincarnations of the Pandavas are also all sisters, and I really love reading about how the sisters grow closer as the books go on.

And the protagonists aren’t the only ones with a lot of depth. The Sleeper, the main villain in the series is such a fascinating antagonist who we learn more and more about in each book.

I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I am so excited to read the fourth Aru Shah book, which comes out tomorrow!

Have you read Aru Shah and the End of Time? Would you like to see more posts like this? Chat with me in the comments below!

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