February 2021 wrap up and March goals

It’s crazy that it’s already March, and that this month it’s going to be one year since lockdown started (where I am, at least). February was not the most productive in terms of reading and blogging, and I had a lot of schoolwork, which made setting aside time for other things really difficult. Hopefully, March will be better though!

In February, I read 6 books

  • 5 were audiobooks
  • 1 was an ebook

This is definitely less books than I had planned to read, and I didn’t stick with my TBR at all. I did read a lot more audiobooks than usual though, which was good. This was my first time reading The Selection, and although I have a lot of complaints about the books, they were actually kind of good, and I really enjoyed reading the first three! The Heir was definitely not as good as the previous ones though. I still am going to finish the series however. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was really good, and I loved reading it. The Eye of Ra was pretty good.

I ended up DNFing a lot of books, which I don’t usually do, and I think that was because I was in a reading slump for most of the month. I still am, kind of, but hopefully that won’t last too much longer.

In February I wrote…

My overall goal for posting in February was 12 posts, and I didn’t reach that. This was the smallest amount of posts I wrote in over a year, which was a little disappointing, but I’m happy with the posts that I did write.

This is my TBR for February!

This month, I have 11 books on my TBR! About half of them are for the Women’s History Month readathon, and I am very excited for all of them!

My goals for posting in March are 10 total posts. Other than that, I don’t have any other main goals. I am going to try to have a variety of types of posts, with some reviews, and tags, and stuff like that.

I do have a few posts in mind, and I am also going to work on scheduling posts in advance, or at least drafting them ahead of time.

In February, I actually got some writing, and a fair amount of world building done, which was good.

Since April is Camp Nano, I’m going to spend March doing some worldbuilding and planning for what I’m going to write then.

How was your February? What are some of your goals for March? Did you read any good books this month? Chat with me in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “February 2021 wrap up and March goals

  1. I reread The Selection and The Elite in January, and plan to read The One this month. I read them years ago, but I’m listening to the audiobooks this time around which I’ve been enjoying. Definitely problematic books, but they have a certain appeal to them all the same. I never did get around to reading The Heir and The Crown, although I’ve been wanting to. I’m also planning to read the Shadow and Bone series sometimes soon, depending on when I get them from the library. Best of luck getting through your TBR and with your camp NaNo planning!

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    1. I read the audiobooks, which I really liked. i do think that it is worth reading The Heir and The Crown are worth reading, however they definitely aren’t as good as the first books.

      Thanks! I hope you have a good March 🙂

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