The Book Festival Book Tag

Hey! I was tagged for this by Julie @ One Book More, so thank you so much Julie, and I’m going to go right into this tag!

Also, I have never been to a book festival or fair or anything other than the scholastic book fair that came to my elementary school. So have fun reading about me floundering to understand these book festival terms.

The Rules:

  • Pingback to the creator of this tag, Book Princess Reviews!
  • Tag the person who tagged you. Thanks again Julie!
  • Find an answer to match each prompt — and have fun!

The Questions:

Author Lineup: Name your top 3 authors that you would like to meet.

There are so many authors that I would love to meet, but here are three:

  • Rick Riordan
  • Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
  • Adiba Jaigirdar

All of these authors have had a huge impact on my life, and they have AMAZING books!

THE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE: How do you determine what books you’re going to read next?

I usually set monthly TBRs that are ENOURMOUS and I rarely get through each and every book, but I usually choose a book from there. I also reread a lot of books, so sometimes I’ll just pick up a favorite and reread it. I’ve become more of a mood reader over the last few months, and I’ll also usually be reading a lot of books at the same time.

The thing is, there are just so many books out there, and I want to read so many of them!!

ARC Drops: What ARC would you wait hours in line for?

There is one book that I would wait for DAYS for. That book is the third book in the Gilded Wolves trilogy. It doesn’t have a title. It doesn’t have a cover. But I want it now.


The Swag! What bookish merch/pre-order incentives/etc. is your favorite?

Here’s the thing. Before I started my blog, the world of books was, well, books. That’s it. I’d go to a library, maybe a bookstory and get some books. Then I would read the books. Then I would repeat that cycle. I didn’t have any anticipated books; if a whole series wasn’t yet out, chances were I’d forget about them. I never pre-ordered books because I didn’t have any anticipated books. I didn’t own any bookish merch, didn’t have any bookish merch.

I still don’t really have any. And I’m not exactly sure what it means by pre-order incentive, so I’m just going to go with my favorite bookish thing that’s not a book. That is… a book candle. Do I own a book candle? No, I do not. But you see, I love candles and book candles seem so fun! And then you can burn the candle while you’re reading the book to have a whole vibe of whatever book you’re reading.

It just seems fun.

The Panels: What topic would you love to see some of your favorite authors talk about?

I would love to see my favorite authors talk about the process of how they write their books, talk about some of their favorite books to read, and really anything. Whatever they had to say, I would listen.

It would be really interesting to get to learn about really anything related to being a writer, what their experiences have been.

Yallfest, Yallwest, BookCon/BookExpo, YALC, Etc: What book festival/con would you go to if you had the choice?

Funny story, I don’t know anything. about any of those book festivals that were just mentioned. I’ve heard of bookcon, but the other ones, nope! I looked up a little more about bookcon a few weeks ago because I was curious and saw it mentioned somewhere, and it seems fun. But also overwhelming. Someday I’d want to go to one, but that most likely won’t happen for a while, for multiple reasons. First off, covid. I don’t know much about these, but I do know that they are not covid-safe events. So yeah.

I tag:

Anyone who wants to do the tag!

Have you been to any book festivals? What’s your favorite bookish item? Chat with me in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “The Book Festival Book Tag

  1. Great answers Aria. I loved this tag. I might do it too. I mean they are so cool. I also love book candles but I don’t have any😂😂 because whenever I have money, instead of saving up to buy mercy, I buy more books🙈🙈

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  2. Every April, the Los Angeles Times will host the Festival of Books–it was entirely free (save for some panels), local bookstores would set up shop, the food trucks were amazing, and the activities were fun to take part in . It got cancelled this year, but the year before I got to meet some writers–didnt get to meet the writer I really wanted to see, but I still had lots of fun.

    It was actually on my first visit that I decided to go to grad school–the MFA programs use that event as a recruiting ground, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Four times? It was held on USC, and I didn’t live that far from it. I wished I went to it sooner, but I was never any good at keeping important dates or getting out the house 😅

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    1. The fact that I might have to wait for a year to read the next book makes me want to cry. Also I really think that the title of the third book is going to be The Bronzed _____ because that seems like it would make sense.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you did the tag, and now I have to read The GIlded Wolves series! 🙂 I’ve never been to a book festival either and don’t know much about them, but I’d definitely love to go to one in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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