Let’s Talk Bookish: Do You Use an Online Persona for Book Blogging?

Hello and happy Friday! Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly discussion post created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and is hosted by Rukky and Dani @ A Literary Lion! This week’s topic is: Do You Use an Online Persona for Book Blogging? (suggested by Lydia @ Lydia Schoch)

Do I?

I wouldn’t say that I completely do, but I am a little different on my blog and online than I am irl. When I started blogging, I didn’t really share anything about my personal life on my blog, and almost no one I know in person knew about my blog. Now, it’s pretty different. I’ve been blogging for almost a year (wow!) and I’m more open about my personal life here on my blog, and also in person.

When I started my blog, I guess I was kind of embarrassed to tell people that I had a book blog. I mean, I don’t think that it would be surprising to anyone, but still. It also made me more nervous to have people I know irl read my writing. It seems silly because there are dozens of people who read my posts, and I am very fortunate to have become friends with them through blogging, but it’s still different and can be harder.

I also talk more about myself now, and share some things from my personal life. For example, I’m going to start 8th grade in about month, I live in Oregon, and have two cats and a golden retriever. I do ballet, and I have a physically distanced showcase with masks and an outdoor audience today. That’s the sort of thing that I never would have talked about that sort of thing six or seven months ago.

But like I said, I do think that I am different on my blog and in real life. However, I think that overall I’m the same person. I love books and will talk about them for hours and hours. I’m shyer around people I don’t know as well, but once I get to know someone a little better, I’ll be more outgoing, and will have lots of fun talking to them!

Should book blogs only focus on being book blogs, and not veer off into other topics?

Definitely not. I read lots of book blogs, and lots of blog posts, and yes, most of them are about books. Book reviews, book tags, or recommendation posts; there are so many different types of bookish posts. There are also, lots of great posts that aren’t bookish oriented, and are just as great! Book blogging is supposed to be fun, and if you like writing posts that aren’t related to books, there is no reason why you shouldn’t write those posts.

Maybe the post would be about blogging, and less book related, like Marie’s post about why she doesn’t believe in fake engagement in the blogging community. Or maybe more writing related, by Beck’s post of a list of writing prompts.


I think that it’s really up to the blogger. If you want to use an online persona, and don’t want to share anything from your personal life on your blog, that’s great! If you do want to talk a lot about what’s happening in your life on your blog, on your blog posts, that’s great too! The same goes for your content. If you want to write only bookish posts, that’s great! If you want to veer into other categories, and not just book related posts, that’s amazing!

It really depends on what you are happiest with, and it’s all your decision.

Do you use an online persona for book blogging? Do you think that book blogs should write only bookish posts, and not veer into other topics? Chat with me in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Do You Use an Online Persona for Book Blogging?

  1. Great post Aria! And wow it’s already been nearly a year? Time seriously flies! (not fast enough this year tho, like really, covid needs to shoo and become history lol)
    I agree with everything you said! I also feel a little weird telling people about my blog IRL…I don’t want people to associate my two personalities because I’m kind of pretty different on my blog. Of course, I’m still the same Rukky, but I’m a lot more freer online than I am IRL. I’m glad that you’re feeling comfortable enough to share as much as you’d like, and you’re so right about book blogs being allowed to venture in other territories. It makes reading them a lot more fun 🙂

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  2. Very interesting questions! I think that people should definitely feel free to express whatever interests or parts of themselves they want to on book blogs- I’ve definitely changed things up over the years and really enjoy when other book bloggers branch out 😀 And absolutely agree that ultimately it’s supposed to be fun!!

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  3. Great discussion! And I was the EXACT SAME. Up until now, only my closest friends and my family know about my blog because unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people value what we do and would make fun of us, because for some reason, not a lot of people in my grade read and understand our passion for it… And I also don’t share too much about myself, I do occasionally say what I’m about to do/write about trips or stuff like that, but I never reveal my hometown or something super personal! But other than that, I am the same Jane I am in real life!
    Awesome post!

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  4. I’m also quite a bit different online than I am IRL! I didn’t realize your were so young, you’re a very eloquent writer and your blog is so well put together! I never would have managed something like that at your age.I think separating your online and personal life can be a great strategy to stay safe online. I started my book blog in my twenties so I was never too concerned about anything like that, but I still keep certain things a secret like my workplace etc. Say hello to your cats for me!

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    1. Ah, that makes me so happy Dani! And it seems like a lot of people didn’t realize I was so young, haha. Yeah, as much as I will share about my personal life, there are certain things that I’m still going to keep separate! I will 😊


  5. woah I didn’t realize you’re in 7th grade I thought you were waaaay older than me hahahah
    But um I have an “online persona” as in you can’t tell I have anxiety whatsoever when I actually do! And I don’t really go into details and give all my friends fake names and such. But honestly I (was) more open on my blog than irl… until my friend’s mom found me ahhahahahahahahha oof. But yup online personas are good bc you can protect yourself from creepy stalkersss!!!
    oh wait I just realized you tagged my post in it OMJG THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCHHHH!
    And book blogs can 28938257840% go into other topics I actually prefer discussion posts over book reviews anyway so… (and Aditi has FANTASTIC discussion posts btw I love her so muchh) and also like my blog is ALL OVER THE PLACE so I’d be kind of a hypocrite if I thought otherwise (I mean I tHINK I’m a book blogger but like who knows at this point)
    AND NO I AGREE WITH THE IRL PPL READING MY STUFF LIKE HAHAHAHA NO I CAN’T and honestly I wish my friends hadn’t found my blog bc I just feel awkward about everything now… and like I can’t be as personal anymore. But like whatever I can deal with it xD
    Anyway FANTASTIC post as always and you just keep being your fantastic self my dear, adios!

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    1. Thank you so so much for your comment Beck!!!!! Really? That is so funny! What grade are you in?
      Online personas are good if you want one.
      Your welcome! I love all of your bookish and non bookish posts (and Aditi really does have such amazing discussions!)
      I’m getting better with irl people reading my blog, but it really makes me so nervous!!
      Thank you so much Beck and keep on being amazing!!

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      1. I’d rather not say but I will tell you I’m an upperclassman in high school (one day I might say my grade… but today is not that day) but anyway you have 2 guesses so hahaha.
        Yeah same I have three of my irl friends who read it but I still feel weird soooo

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