July 2020 wrap up and August goals

Hello! It’s already August, which is crazy, but I did get a lot of reading and writing done in July, so I’m going to get right into this post!

In July I read 22 books…

  • 3 were audiobooks
  • 2 were ebooks
  • 16 were physical books

My goal for June was to read 21 books, and I did reach that. However, I only read some of the books on my actual TBR. I am going to try and read the ones I didn’t read in July in August.

My goals for posting in April were…

In July, I wanted to write 20 posts, and I reached that with 23 posts! I definitely wanted one of them to be my nominations for the 2020 book blogger awards, and it was! I didn’t do nearly as many tags as I’d wanted to, but I’m happy with what I got done!

I didn’t set a TBR for June, which was okay, but I definitely feel like I read more when I set specific TBRs. So, here’s my TBR for the month of July:

Those are some of the books that I want to read in August. I also want to read the second and third books in two trilogies: The Hunger Games, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’m planning on rereading The Gilded Wolves in preparation for The Silvered Serpents which I’m also going to read. Soothsayer is the last book that I’m planning on reading this month, and I’m very excited for it.

I am also participating in the Failed Readathon Readathon hosted by the wonderful Laura @ The Book Corps. You can read my TBR for that here.

In August I’m going to be out of town for some time, and I want to schedule some posts for then. I’m not sure which ones those will be though. The posts I want to write in August are:

  • 3 Top Ten Tuesdays
  • 3 WWW Wednesdays
  • 3 Let’s Talk Bookish
  • 4 Other posts
  • 4 Reviews
  • 4 Tags

That is 21 posts, and hopefully I’ll be able to write that many! There are quite a few posts that I want to write, including a list of my favorite books with sibling relationships and a discussion on why I love middle grade, and I’m going to try and write those!

This month I participated in Camp Nanowrimo. My goal was 30,000 words, and although I wasn’t even close to reaching it, I had a lot of fun and wrote more of a novel than I ever have before. (more than 20,000 words)

I spent a lot of time in June plotting, and I had a plan for how the book was going to go. A little while into the month, I sort of threw those plans aside and added a ton more (like time travel and a pancake eating contest. I’m still not sure why I wrote about a pancake eating contest.)

I’m going to try and finish a first draft of the book by the end of the month, even if it’s more of a detailed outline though.

Other announcements/ stuff going on in my life:

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a bookstagram account. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, and so far it is so much fun! Everyone is so nice, and I’m really enjoying it!

I also am coming up on one year of blogging, since I started Book Nook Bits in late August of 2019! So, I’m going to do something fun for that. It seems crazy though that I’ve been blogging for almost an entire year.

I finished watching the Gilmore girls with my mom, and although it was sad to be done with it, it was so much fun!! Rory’s career and everything is so much like what I want to do; she wants to be a journalist for the New York Times, and loves reading… the show is also just overall really hilarious.

Anyway, not much else is going on in my life aside from everything happening in the world right now. My school is going to start on September 14th, but I’m not even sure how I’m going to start 8th grade. I’m going to have only online school until at least October, but apparently my school district is working on a system of having us go in person half the time and go virtually the other half. I think that it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll have school in person at all this fall however.

I’m going to end this post here with a lot of books, a bit of the Gilmore girls, and even more books, because this is a book blog.

How was your July? What are some of your goals for August? Did you participate in Camp Nanowrimo? Chat with me in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “July 2020 wrap up and August goals

  1. 22 BOOKS?! that’s AMAZING. especially because I see THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE and THE POPPY WAR on there and they are SO LONG. kudos to you. you’ve also made so many posts wow!!! as for your TBR for August… Highly Highly recommend CIRCE and the rest of THG trilogy. I hope that your novel’s turning out well! (What’s it about?)

    good luck with starting school ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Priory of the Orange Tree took me a VERY long time, but thank you so much!!! I am so excited for Circe, and the rest of THG trilogy!!

      My novel is about this girl, Wendy, who gets rescued by this mysterious group, and then is recruited by them to help recover a stolen object. However, there’s more to the group than they tell the Wendy, and they may have made a mystake recruiting her. While all that is happening, Wendy’s brother and his best friend are trying to find her, while also handling their own problems.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. 22 books?! You read so much this month! I’m really excited to see what you think of Far From the Tree and All American Boys, both of which were 5 star reads for me.

    Yep, my school district is facing the same problems. Hopefully something works out and we can learn while still being safe! Hope you have a great August! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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