Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Places I’d Love to Visit Someday

Hello there, and happy Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl where there is a topic and you make a list that best fits that topic! This week’s topic is a very fun one, and one that I am very excited for: Book Events/Festivals I’d Love to Go to Someday (Real or Fictional. Submitted by Nandini @ Unputdownable Books). I kind of changed it though, and instead did bookish places that I’d someday love to visit.

Point Mouette

The Penderwick siblings- minus Rosalind and plus Jeffery goes to stay at Point Mouette one summer, and stays at a house near the ocean.

Everything about Point Mouette just sounds so fun, and I would love to spend a summer there, reading on the beach… and maybe even meeting the Penderwicks haha

Camp Half Blood

Camp Half Blood is the training camp for Greek demigods that we are first introduced to in The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan.

I think that it would be really cool to get to be there, and to meet all of the characters like Chiron, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and Nico…

Yeah, it might be a bit dangerous, and I definitely would pass on playing capture the flag, but still. It would be amazing.

Plus, I’d get to eat tons of delicious strawberries when I was there, right?

The Little House in the Big Woods

I would love to spend a few weeks in the winter in the log cabin that we read so much about in Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I would go sledding and read by the fire, and it would be so nice!

The Queendom of Innis

I think that it would be really cool to be able to visit the Queendom of Innis.

Who knows what’s happening there, since at the end of the book it seemed like there was going to be a lot of change.

Still, with a name like ‘The Queendom of Innis’ it just sounds so royal and amazing.

It would be cool if I could meet Sabran, but most likely not!

Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire

The reason that Truly Lovejoy and her family move to Pumpkin Falls in the first place is to take over the family bookstore, Lovejoy books.

The bookstore gives out delicious baked goods, and I would spend so much time there!

I would go to the bookstore and read all day long and take all the time in the world to be there.

The way the author describes it, all of Pumpkin Falls sounds like such a fun place to be, and I would love to visit there.

Midnight Gulch

A Snicker of Magic is a very sweet book full of magic and ice cream and lots of great words that takes place in the town of Midnight Gulch.

I would absolutely love to visit Midnight Gulch, not just because they have magical ice cream, but because they have lots and lots of magic!

I mean, I would definitely grab some of that magical ice cream. Would you?

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is about these kids who have to escape from a library.

If I were in their situation, I wouldn’t be in to much of a hurry.

The library that we read about in this book seems so AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and FANTASTIC.

It’s a library, after all.

The Priory of the Orange Tree

The Priory of the Orange Tree itself is another place from the universe that Samatha Shannon created that I would love to visit.

I would really want to meet Ead Duryan, who was my favorite character of the book, and even just be able to see the orange tree.

Camp Lovejoy

Camp Lovejoy honestly just seems like the most amazing summer camp in the world.

All of the adventures that the campers and counselors have seem so fun, plus the location that it’s set at seems so beautiful!

Moon Shadow Campground

Every Soul A Star, by Wendy Mass takes place at Moon Shadow Campground, and I’ve always thought that Moon Shadow campground seems like such a beautiful, fun place!

I love camping, and I go camping with my family a lot during the summer. All of the fun activities at the campground sound so fun, and I would love to go stargazing.

Well, there are ten places in books that I’d like to visit! I decided to just stick with fiction places in books, but if you have any non fictional bookish events or places that you’d like to visit, I’d love to hear about them!

What are some bookish places or events that you’d like to go to? What did you think of my list? Chat with me in the comments below!

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