Rereading The Heroes of Olympus series in a week | ft. 50 bullet points and more than 100 quotes

Hello! Last week, this week, the past seven days (whatever you want to call it) I reread the Heroes of Olympus series. It was a good thing that I did that, because I honestly forgot most of the stuff that happened (oops). I did, however, take a few pictures of some quotes and funny moments that I liked, so here they are:

Also, I did a similar post for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series which you can read right here!

This is your warning, I repeat your warning that if you have not read the Heroes of Olympus books to stay back and not read this post because I have many, many, many spoilers that would ruin your enjoyment of the books if you someday read them. (Which you absolutely should ’cause their amazing.)

The Lost Hero

Parts I enjoyed in The Lost Hero

  • Piper’s charmspeak. It is so hilarious!!!
  • Leo’s first reaction to Jason not remembering anything. I don’t have the exact quote, but he’s like, hey, that means I can reuse all my old jokes!
  • Thalia and Annabeth’s totally understandable attitude towards Hera, and their bickering
  • The head councilor’s meeting at the end
  • Clovis
  • Leo meeting Hephaestus (in his dream)
  • Coach Hedge yelling ‘Die’ and everything else about his character
  • I attached the picture of the quote below but this one: “That was Hera,” Thalia grumbled. Her Majesty, the Loose Cannon.”
  • “That’s it, Thalia Grace,” said the goddess. “I will turn you into an aardvark, so help me––”
  • Piper overtaking the Aphrodite cabin from Drew.

Also, if you go to the last two pictures in the slide show you’ll see that on a few of the pages, the words were so faded I couldn’t read them. Have any of you noticed this if you have a copy of The Lost Hero? It’s kind of ironic ’cause the lost words in the lost hero… anyways, on to the next book:

The Son of Neptune

Stuff I liked in The Son of Neptune

  • Ella, the most adorable harpy in the world
  • Seeing the differences between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood (I personally would rather go to the latter, but that’s just my opinion)
  • Ares vs. Mars: who do you like better
  • Or to put that differently, Frank vs. Clarisse
  • Juno/Hera… you got to give her some credit
  • I love watching Percy’s memory gradually come back
  • Hazel’s past is fascinating and written so well
  • Nico’s once again mysterious yet much needed role in the story

The Mark of Athena

Awesome parts of The Mark of Athena

  • Really seeing even more differences between the two camps
  • Meeting Echo and Narcissus (and watching Leo trick him)
  • How Percy and Jason interact. Together, they make an incredible team. On opposite sides, like
  • Nico!! Seriously, the
  • Bacchus/Dionysus/The Wine Dude’s role in the plot
  • Coach Hedge and his trusty baseball bat
  • Percy and Annabeth sneaking out of their cabins AND getting in trouble for it
  • Frank Zhang’s amazing power
  • The important role of Chinese handcuffs
  • Annabeth doing amazing things (as always) but most amazingly facing Arachne
  • Hazel struggling with modern day sayings like BFF

Let me just say, boy am I glad that I don’t have to wait for the next book to come out, because that cliffhanger…

The House of Hades

Great things in The House of Hades

  • Percy and Annabeth go through literal hell together
  • But let’s not forget that Nico did too, but alone
  • Leo and Calypso are perfect for each other
  • Bob the titan
  • Coach Hedge is gonna be a dad:)
  • All the stuff with Hecate, plus Hazel’s awesome magic
  • Credit to Rick Riordan for everything about Tartarus. Really.
  • The burnt offerings that appear in the Hermes shrine in Tartarus. And Connor’s M&M’s
  • RA-RA (I mean Reyna)
  • Meeting Cupid (or whatever) and Nico!!! Again!!! It’s so sad for him though, how hard it was for him. Because in the 1940s that would have been really different than today

P.S. Those two extra stories at the end of my copy are amazing!! The Kane Chronicles crossover story is amazing, and the Bob the titan one is pretty awesome as well!!!!

The Blood of Olympus

Things I enjoyed in The Blood of Olympus

  • The encounter with Nike, goddess of victory
  • The camp half-blood meeting that Nico overhear’s in a dream
  • The hunters and the amazons and Reyna in South America
  • Kymopoleia; she switches sides so quickly (I mean, would you refuse the offer of a cabin, two shrines, a custom-designed banner AND an action figure)
  • Jules-Albert the chauffeur(great job Hades)
  • The island of Delos (and seeing Apollo and Artemis) and the VALDEZINATOR
  • idiot mode
  • Percy and Annabeth ending the Athena-Poseidon rivalry
  • Coach Hedge is a dad!!! (and a great dad)
  • Nico and Will ❤️❤️❤️
  • That last scene… you got to give it to Leo for being awesome and to Festus, everyone’s favorite giant metal dragon

Have you read The Heroes of Olympus series? Did you like reading these quotes? Chat with me in the comments below!

P.S. I placed holds on the Kane Chronicles, the Magnus Chase series and the Trials of Apollo books so you will be seeing posts on them soon.

P.P.S. I didn’t put this up there, but I rate all of these books 5 stars.

P.P.P.S. Don’t worry my friends I’m not done with the Percy Jackson content you WILL be seeing way more of it from me.

11 thoughts on “Rereading The Heroes of Olympus series in a week | ft. 50 bullet points and more than 100 quotes

    1. Yes yes yes Percabeth is the best 💕💕💕 That quote in the last book where Reyna says something in Latin when camp Jupiter charges into battle, and then when Percy yells Greeks! Let’s um fight stuff was one of my favorite moments in the whole series 😂
      I would much rather go to camp half blood though!!!


  1. I have read HoO and I loved it….I completely agree with on all those qoutes and points… I think I read HoO when I was 10 and now I am 12 so I remember all those hilarious moments really well !

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