Rereading all of the Percy Jackson books in a day | no I’m not crazy, I just love books

Hello everyone! I’ve been reading quite a bit in the last week, and I was even planning on doing attempting a 24 hour readathon on Tuesday. However, I woke up late, and was really tired, so I went back to sleep and ended up sleeping for another hour! When I woke up again, I didn’t really feel like reading for a full 24 hours, so I figured, why not just reread the whole Percy Jackson series. (‘Cause I’m logical that way.) Anyways, it took me about 12 hours, but I read all five books, which was honestly really fun! Anyways, below I’ve written my favorite parts of each book, and then attached some pictures of quotes I enjoyed. I also put in some pictures of my pets who visited me throughout the day! Happy reading!

also, there are spoilers for the first five books here, so if you haven’t read the series, beware

The Lightning Thief:

Favorite moments of The Lightning Thief:

  • that opening scene; mrs. Dodds is hilarious, plus Percy’s shock is priceless. I mean, I’ve never, uh, vaporized my math teacher
  • Smelly Gabe. And his incredibly important poker game that Percy regretted interrupting
  • Sally Jackson is the best!!! Seriously, think about everything that she sacrifices for Percy. She marries smelly Gabe to protect her son, and is overall incredible
  • Percy mailing Medusa’s head to the gods. Imagine getting that in the mail
  • Peter Johnson. Must I say more?

The Sea of Monsters:

Commentary on parts of The Sea of Monsters

  • George and Martha… hey is that like George and Martha in those picture books? Anyways, those snakes are hilarious. And Hermes is great too
  • Oh yeah, and Percy got turned into a guinea pig, that’s nice
  • The chariot races haha and Clarisse won
  • Speaking of Clarisse, she completely blew Grover’s cover there. And look where that got her.
  • Poseidon’s letter to Percy is so helpful “brace yourself”

The Titan’s Curse:

Great stuff from The Titan’s Curse

  • Nico!!!!!! He actually asks really good questions, and it ends up helpful that he’s obsessed with mythomagic.
  • The Hunters of Artemis; Zoë Nightshade is so awesome, even though she needs to catch up on modern day English
  • Apollo!! He’s so funny, and his poetry is pretty awful in a hilarious way
  • Thalia torches New England: the chapter title says it all
  • Blackjack 🙂
  • Apollo… I mean Fred (sorry didn’t mean to blow his cover)
  • Oh gosh Aphrodite
  • Visiting the Hoover Dam. Again, Zoë, the English you know hasn’t been used in centuries
  • RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE!!! ‘Do you always try to kill people when they sneeze?’

Battle of the Labyrinth:

Stuff I liked in The Battle of the Labyrinth:

  • The scene at the school + Rachel Elizabeth Dare
  • Percy cleaning out the stables and the whole scene at the ranch
  • Percy learning how Athena’s children are born, and his hilarious reaction
  • New lesson, class! Percy teaching the telkhines (?) a lesson and proving that he has a career as a teacher if all else fails
  • Calypso. The island. That whole scene.
  • Grover finding the great god Pan. That whole scene makes me tear up.

The Last Olympian:

What I enjoyed in The Last Olympian:

  • That first line haha (see pictures below)
  • Demeter and Persephone bickering
  • We get to learn more about Annabeth, Luke and Thalia’s past (plus we get to see Annabeth as a 7 year old with a hammer)
  • Hermes cabin seriously are focused on one thing: looting a candy store. Really?
  • Again, Travis, you can’t keep that really nice phone and NO LOOTING OR PILLAGING
  • Tyson!!!! (I mean, he’s so proud of his big brother!)
  • Paul Blofis’s sword fighting (and everything)
  • Lesson learned: always look before you blast. And sit on a god’s throne if you want their attention. But again, only if they know to look before they blast.
  • Pary ponies!!! (although I do see why Chiron might get a bit annoyed and overwhelmed by them)
  • The best underwater kiss of all time

Have you read the Percy Jackson books? What are some of your favorite parts? Should I do this same sort of post for the Heroes of Olympus series? Chat with me in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Rereading all of the Percy Jackson books in a day | no I’m not crazy, I just love books

  1. I LOVED reading this post ❤ You read them all in one day wow you god I am impressed! I love Sally Jackson, the Hunters of Artemis, Rachel Elizabeth Dare… ❤ ❤ ❤ The Best Underwater Kiss Of All TimeTM ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks ❤️ I’m glad you loved reading this 🥰 Rachel Elizabeth Dare is seriously the best and the hunters of Artemis and Sally Jackson … 💕and yes yes yes The Best Underwater KISS Of All TimeTM!!! 😍 😍😍

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          1. Yeah, I’ve also got to read the latest Trials of Apollo book. I really love Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Magnus Chase series😍😍and you?

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            1. They’re all great 😍 but the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series are probably my favorites. Also, the Magnus Chase series which starts off in the most hilarious way 😂

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