Let’s Talk Bookish: How Do You Feel About Strong Female Characters

Hey there and happy Friday! I am very excited for the first Let’s Talk Bookish of June, and also that my school is almost out! I’m very happy to almost be done with seventh grade! I finished up my assignments today, and although I do have school Monday through Wednesday of next week, it’s all catching up on work if you’re missing any assignments!!! Anyways, Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly discussion post created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and is hosted by Rukky and Dani @ A Literary Lion! This week’s topic is: How Do You Feel About “Strong Female Characters” suggested by Dani @ Literary Lion.

What do you even mean by a strong female character?

Well, exactly what it says. A strong, either physically or mentally, character that is female. A female character that is independent, strong, brave. A few examples of strong female characters are Ada from The War that Saved my Life, Aurora from Aurora and the Thief and Hattie from Hattie Big Sky.

I don’t know how exactly to describe a strong female character, but I feel like when you’re reading about one, you can just tell that that character is amazing and strong. There are books that I’ve read and reread over and over since I was younger, like the Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall and The War that Saved my Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, and both of those books have female characters that have inspired me. Characters like Mary Alice from A Year Down Yonder, by Richard Peck and Hattie, from Hattie Big Sky stand up for themselves, and follow their dreams.

My thoughts:

I love reading about strong female characters, and I do think that it is very important that they are written about in books. However, I think that it shouldn’t be necessary for strong female characters to be described as strong female characters. Do you ever hear anyone talk about strong male characters? I don’t! I think that women and girls have been portrayed as weaker, dependent on men, and not as smart in novels, so more recently, as more strong, independent, smart female characters began appearing in novels (and movies), people have felt the need to emphasize the fact that they’re there, I guess.

I thought about how I would write this post for a while, but now that I’m writing it, I’m not exactly sure how to get my thoughts down on the page. I feel like I’m being really repetitive, but here we go!

Strong female characters are important. They serve as role models for people reading about them, not just women and girls. Strong characters are important, no matter what gender. I think that the important thing is for everyone to be able to see themselves represented in movies and books. As a Jewish girl, I see stereotypes about Jews, and I rarely see characters that are just, Jewish. When I do, it honestly makes me so happy, because seeing parts of myself represented in the books that I read, which are generally middle grade and YA, is something that is just really uplifting, almost.


I think that it is important to have strong female characters in books, characters that can serve as inspiration and as role models. I think that most importantly, everyone deserves to see themselves represented in books, to be able to read about people like them at any age. That is why diverse books are so important!

How do you feel about strong female characters? Do you think that it is important for us to be able to read diverse books? Chat with me in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: How Do You Feel About Strong Female Characters

  1. I agree with what you said, I think we definitely need strong female characters but I hate seeing them called that, because when someone refers to a “strong female character” they usually compare that strength to a man. So it’s “this female character is a strong female character because she’s physically strong, she kicks ass, she can use a weapon, etc” — all things we normally associate with men. Many people don’t seem to understand that yes, while women are also all those things I mentioned, our strength also lies in other places too. You’ll never find someone calling a woman character a strong female character if she cries or wears makeup or presents herself in any way that is seen as feminine, which is so frustrating. They’re only considered strong characters when they act like men so therefore “strong female character” is, inherently, a misnomer.
    Sorry for the rant haha I just hate that term so much!

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    1. I totally agree with all of this!!! To add on, if a man acts in a way that can be percieved as feminine (even if it shouldn’t be) they’ll be seen as weak, which is honestly really terrible! We shouldn’t have to distinguish a character with their gender. We should be able to say, “she’s a strong character”, and “he’s a strong character”, and have those characters be viewed in the same way, as strong characters.
      Thank you so much for your comment!!!

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