Diana Alderoot and the Gilded Mage, by Trista Shaye

Hello, I hope that you’re all doing okay right now. It’s kind of crazy for me to believe that it’s been more than six weeks since I’ve started social distancing, but it has! I’ve been getting a little more used to online learning, but it’s still a big transition. Right now, however, I have a review of a book that I read over the weekend: Diana Alderoot and the Gilded Mage!

Diana Alderoot and the Gilded Mage

Author: Trista Shaye

Release Date: March 21, 2020

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure


A simple fairy girl must leave everything she knows behind to save her world and her friends.

Diana Alderoot isn’t sure about summer school, but she’s hopeful to learn at least something new and maybe even some magic from their teacher – the first mage to ever visit The Magic Vale. But school isn’t business as usual and the things Diana discovers are about to unravel the very fabric of her realm.

Determined to uncover the source of evil rising in the world around her, Diana embarks on an adventure that is quite unlike anything she ever expected. For the world is vast and filled with many realms and creatures of all kinds; and Diana is, after all, only one small fairy. What can she do?

I received a digital copy of this book via BookSirens in exchange for an honest review. This does not in any way affect my opinion of the book.

The book started off pretty slow, in multiple ways. And it wasn’t even because there was too much description. If anything, there was too little description. I went into the story feeling a little left int the dark. The story did pick up though, and I was enjoying reading it. The adventure aspect was nice, and I liked how there were the different realms. The fairies, the trolls, the dragons… It was actually fun to read about that and stuff.

However, I felt like the story was a little cut off. It just ended, pretty suddenly, and I was disappointed that the action didn’t last long. The thing is, I was honestly really enjoying reading about Diana and the other’s adventures.

One kind of classic yet still fun aspect of the book was how as Diana went on through their quest, they picked up new members of their team everywhere they went. First Matilda, a gnome then a troll, then a dragon, until finally the story ended. Wait what? The story ended? I sure didn’t see that coming. I wasn’t paying attention to the percent through the book on my kindle, so it was pretty surprising when the story finished. One moment we were in the midst of the action, then I felt like it just, well, ended without really wrapping things up.

It was okay. I actually really liked the overall writing with the description and stuff, I just didn’t really like the dialogue. It just didn’t seem as natural; when the characters were talking with each other it felt kind of forced.

I also think that there could have been more detail. More time to get to know and understand the characters. But overall, the writing was okay. Not incredibly amazing, but pretty good.

To be honest, Diana wasn’t my favorite character. She was interesting and had a strong personality, but by far, Matilda was my favorite character in the book. She was so strong, and sure of herself, and her personality was just amazing! I also loved how she was like, you guys need my help so I’ll put everything to the side to help you.

Kendel. Ah yes, the mage who goes to teach the young fairies in the Magic Vale. Wait what? Kendel never teaches them anything! Then it almost feels like he’s treated like a student! I really think that Kendel didn’t need to be so naive, and so helpless as a teacher in the classroom.

Trista Shaye has had dreams since she was small of the things she always wanted to accomplish in her life, being a published author is just one of many. She’s been an avid reader from the beginning and has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil.

It’s said that she can be found in a land far from here, a place not many people discover and even fewer understand; the land of her own imagination. She can also be found roaming the world with her husband on grand adventures that help to fuel the scenes of her stories; playing music and writing songs; and narrating audio books.

I enjoyed reading this book, but it wasn’t fantastic. I definitely would have preferred a bit more detail and more information on what was going on overall. This was a pretty quick read for me, and it was a fun book. I liked the magic world, and while I didn’t completely understand all of it at first, I got it more towards the end.

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Recommendable: Yes

To who? Those in search of a funny, adventurous middle grade novel

Have you read Diana Alderoot and the Gilded Mage? What did you think of this review? Chat with me in the comments below!

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