Let’s Talk Bookish: Cancel Culture

Hello and happy Friday! I hope that you all are doing okay right now, and staying healthy. Anyways, right now I have a short post I decided to do kind of at the last minute! It’s this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish post! Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly discussion post created and hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books. This week’s topic is: Cancel culture in the book community

*actually I think it’s in the book community? Or just in general?

What do you even mean by cancel culture?

This is a question that I didn’t even know the answer to earlier. The thing is, I don’t really follow any of the bookish drama that I hear about, and until recently, I didn’t even pay attention to new book releases. And so I’m going to use the definition that Rukky (the host of Let’s Talk Bookish used to describe cancel culture.

Cancel culture is the culture of cancelling a popular person or celebrity by refusing to support them in any way.

For the purposes of this post, and because this is a book blog I’m going to be more specifically talking about the culture of canceling an author’s books and stuff.

What I think:


An author might make a comment that is offensive, or racist, and because of that comment, the publication of they’re book might be canceled, or no one would want to read their book.

The thing is,

An author has worked hard on their book. They have made it a goal to write a full book that people can read and hey, they did it, or they’re about to do it. So I don’t think that it’s fair to completely ruin an author’s career because of one statement.

But that is only if…

So, I don’t think it’s fair if and only if the author recognizes for what they’ve done (an offensive/racist/bad… statement, action, tweet…) and apologizes for it. If the author’s like yeah yeah whatever, then no way would I want to support those actions, but if an author’s like, I’m really sorry I should have never said that, then go them and let’s read their book.

So, overall…

To sum up this very rambly post where I kind of know what I’m talking about:

NO authors do not deserve their stuff to be canceled

NO authors should not make offensive/racist/etc. comments

YES they should apologize because people make mistakes, just recognize them and apologize and it will make it so much better

but if they don’t, well, they should see that we aren’t willing to tolerate, and ok maybe their book will be canceled

Sooo, in my 6 month blogiversary post I did a Q and A, but I need more answers so please, if you have a few minutes would you fill it out? I would really appreciate it!!! Again, please please please please please!!!!

Also, I don’t know if this has happened to any of you, but a few days ago when I was in wordpress (and this has continued) everything’s different and now has a more black and white theme. So is this happening to anyone else???

So, what do you think about our cancel culture? Have you noticed changes in WordPress? Chat with me in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Cancel Culture

  1. This is such a good topic! I’m on Twitter where you sort of get a first look at all the book drama that’s going around and lemme tell you the cancel culture is STRONG in the book community. My issue with the type of cancel culture that goes around in the book community is that sometimes, the author didn’t even do anything wrong. I’ve seen instances where 1 reviewer didn’t like an author’s book, the word got spread around, and instantly hundreds of people are talking about how they have to cancel this book because of one person’s experience. This was so much fun to read, great post! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked reading the post! I’m not on Twitter or anything, but I definitely agree with you that one reviewer shouldn’t be able to completely cancel a book. Thanks for your comment!


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