The Only Road, by Alexandra Diaz

The Only Road, by Alexandra Diaz is about a twelve year old boy named Jamie and his cousin Angela, and their journey through Mexico to get to the United States.

The Guatemalan village where they live is controlled by a violent gang called the Alphas. Anyone who opposes them and refuses to join will be hurt or killed. That is what happens to Miguel, Jamies cousin. He is violently murdered because he refuses to join the Alphas. When Miguel is killed, Jamie knows that he is next. He could never join the gang that killed his cousin, but not doing so would mean certain death, so he and his cousin Angela flee the village.

Jamie and Angela are traveling through Mexico to get to the United States, and to go live with Jamie’s much older brother, Tomas, who is working in New Mexico. Their journey is dangerous, and although they have money sewn into their clothes, they face many dangers, and are taken advantage of.

However, they do make friends along the way, and come across people who are very kind and helpful to them.

The Only Road is an amazing book. The plot is really good, and the story is really well written. Based on true events, Alexandra Diaz follows Jamie and Angela’s treacherous, and life changing journey through Mexico all the way, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about what the journey to get to the United States from Central America to the United States can be like. Reading this book made me realize how lucky I am to be in the United States, and how privileged I am to have the options that I have.

I hope you consider looking at The Only Road, and happy reading!

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