The Ukrainian Egg Mystery, by George Edward Stanley

The Ukrainian Egg Mystery is about a hockey team from a small girls’ school that boards a plane thinking they are headed to Buffalo for a championship game, but actually is headed for Moscow. The girls soon realize that they are meant to play the Russian men’s team, and also get caught up in a search for royal jewels when they become aquainted with princess smuggling a jeweled egg into Russia that supposedly marks the spot where her family’s treasure is buried.

This book is really funny, and people of all ages will enjoy it. I first read it when I was probably 9, and I reread it the other day, and got a lot more of the jokes.

The author, George Edward Stanley, does a very good job over exaggerating the characters, and giving them great personalities, and they all fit together so well in the end that every crazy thing that happens throughout the book makes sense in the end.

I really like this book, and if you’re looking for a book that involves hockey, making fun of the American embassy in Russia, and a book that won’t take too long to read but still has a good plot, I suggest it.

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