Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt

I very highly recommend this book. It is one of my favorites, and is really well written.

Wednesday Wars is a novel that covers a lot of different topics. It was written as a young adult novel, but I think that adults will enjoy it and appreciate it just as much. There are many funny parts, but even though it is an overall hilarious book, it also takes place during 1967 and 1968, and the Vietnam War is a big part of the story. Holling Hoodhood, who is the main character of this book is stuck with his teacher, Mrs. Baker, when the Catholic half of the class goes to catechism, and the Jewish half goes to Hebrew school on Wednesday afternoons. Holling is the only Presbyterian in his class, so he stays with Mrs. Baker, an arrangement that neither of them are very happy about.

Overall, Wednesday Wars is an amazing book, and if you like reading historical fiction, or reading at all, you should check it out.

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